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General Information
Our organization has been created in 1997 and thanks to our long tradition we have rich experience with foreigners and as such we belong among expert organizations in the field. For that reason, we provide services to support the integration of foreigners in long term perspective. We manage a Centre for Support of Integration of Foreigners in Ústecký region and we co-manage the Integration Centre in Prague. We provide registered professional social services and manage big and small projects that specialize on various aspects of support of equal opportunities for foreigners. There are 24 employees working in the NGO at the moment. Overall budget for last year was 18.5 millions (CZK). Our organization is financed by state grants, EU funds and private donations. Their proportions differ each year. Our office in Ústí nad Labem implements project from AMIF (Asylum and Migration Fund), our office in Prague implements project from Česká Spořitelna and provides registered social service. Our partners are Charity CR, Intergration Centre Prague and Organizaion for Aid to Refugees.    
Mission and Objectives

Counselling Centre for Integration is an NGO – civic association. Our goal is to help foreigners to integrate to ordinary life in Czech society. We help them to find accommodation, job or school. Therefore we help to foreigners to live satisfying life in the Czech Republic.
Based on our long experience we offer to foreigners that live legally in the territory of the Czech Republic, social counselling for free. Our social workers and legal department offer assistance in difficult life situations that people can come across to in every-day life. We help to solve challenges with accommodation, with application for state citizenship, with finding an employment and with communication with bureaus. In case you would be interested in our assistance you can arrange a meeting in our offices or with prior notice in place of your residence. In our opinion, every problem can be solved and the sooner it is taking care of the easier the solution is.

Main Projects / Activities

Our main activities focus on:
- Counselling on social matters.
- Counselling on matters of law.
- Counselling on family and education.
- Tutoring of children.
- Czech language lessons for every age category.
- Support of cultural identity and activities of communities of foreigners living in the Czech Republic.
Another field we focus on is support of respect of diversity and equal opportunities for foreigners in Czech society:
- We create analysis and publications concerning life of foreigners in the Czech Republic.
- We organize Multicultural Festival in Ústí nad Labem.
- We publish BulletIN about foreigners and for foreigners living in the Czech republic.
- We hold information campaigns, lectures, workshops and other happenings.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Based on our long-term experience with this target group, we will be happy to share our expertise with other partners in the network. We may also share examples of positive (and negative) feedback of work with migrants. 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Beside sharing our experience and knowledge on the topic of migration, we understand the importance and need of continuous learning from others. Therefore, we appreciate the possibility of chance to meet relevant and inspiring people with potential of future cooperation.

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Monika Korábová
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Head of the organisation
Mgr. Monika Korábová
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Oxana Völker
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