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General Information

The Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations Austria is organized as NGO iwth a board of 15 Persons from all major religions (including religious leaders like the President of the Buddhist community, the archbishop of the Armenian church in Middle Europe, the Bishop of the old-catholic church, the Rabbi of the Jewish community and the Dean of International Anti-Corruption Academy. We depend on donations. Our actions are Webinars, public discussions and copperations with the UN especially UNODC in Vienna. Invovlved are many religions, NGOs and UN-offices.

Mission and Objectives

The Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations is a broadly-based network of faith-based organizations that applies shared spiritual and moral values and principles such as acceptance, compassion and respect for interfaith diversity to promote crime prevention and criminal justice, The Coalition serves as a collaborative forum that brings together faith-based organizations, spiritual leaders, believers from the world’s religions, scholars, relevant experts in fields dedicated to crime prevention and criminal justice. The Coalition works in partnership with a variety of UN Agencies, Civil Society Organizations, and Interfaith Organizations. Advocating for education for peace, against corruption, for prevention. At the UN location in Vienna in close cooperation with UNODC (Office of Crime Prevention) and other UN agencies, we contribute our values and experience to the design and implementation of UN activities.

Main Projects / Activities

Our own projects and expertise in the areas of Law, spirituality and human rights (including minority rights, slavery, etc.)
Migration, faith and hate speech (including in the context of social media).
Problematic neglect, problematic language and education, cultural clash on arrival
Ecology and sustainability as interfaith responsibilities.
Religious education to respect interfaith diversity, including gender discrimination and racism (as the main task for educating the next generation)
Limits of violence, education, tolerance;

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Cooperate in interreligious themes and activating religious societies and NGOs for a cooperation in the goals mentioned above.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Because every step into better cooperation is essential.
We are sure that the religions are part of the solution, never part of the problems. Therefore we cooperate in the main fields of Society life.
As international network we are interested in better networking, the Austrian section of FBO ist responsable for all central europe.

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Dr. Elmar Kuhn
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Dr. Elmar Kuhn