Centre for Fine Arts of Brussels

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23, avenue ravenstein
1000 Brussels

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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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  1. Arts
General Information
The Centre for Fine Arts is a public body 'Société anonyme de droit public à finalité sociale’ with 400 employees and 200 cultural partners. Its average turnover stands at around €30 million per year with the following funding sources: Belgium and its regions, the European Union, and various private sponsors.
Mission and Objectives

The CFA stands out as the arts centre par excellence in the cultural landscape of Belgium and Europe. As a European House for Culture, it plays a crucial role as a meeting place for the various international communities established in Belgium, and for the European Union.
As a growing multidisciplinary institution with almost 400 employees, 200 national cultural partners, the CFA is a driving force behind international artistic initiatives to strengthen ties between Europe and other continents and foster intercultural dialogue. It is a platform where the diversity of Europe and other cultures can be exhibited to an international audience. The Center for Fine Arts effectively is becoming a place of meeting and debate on the goals and challenges of culture in today’s globalised world.

Main Projects / Activities

In the past, the CFA has develop various international artistic and cultural projects with its network of partners across the globe in all artistic fields, from exhibitions, to music, performing arts, debates, theatre, cinema, photography or architecture.
To name but a few examples of exhibitions: The Festiva Visionary Africa in 2010, a traveling exhibition in African cities co-organised with the European Commission, and which is now in Cairo; A Passage to Asia-25 centuries of exchanges between Asia and Europe, an exhibition developed at the occasion of the 8th Asia-Europe meeting; China-The Forbidden Kingdom, and the State of Things, two major exhibitions organised in Brussels and Beijing in 2007-2010. Other examples includes the multidisciplinary festival Europalia (on Brasil in 2011) ; the Mexico multidisciplinary Festival in 2010 covering all artistic fields (exhibitions, music, cinema, poetry, theatre..and ‘lucha libre’).
All these events are also combined with exciting cultural programs of the CFA such as the Balkan Traffic Festival (financed by the EU and hosting 7,000 people in one weekend), the Souffi Night, The Arab Film Festival, the European summer of Photography, etc.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

In addition to exploring common synergies with national members, the CFA is open to act as a true platform to use the arts as a driver of dialogue between the cultural sector, citizens from all countries, the business world, and policy-makers, including at EU level.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

The CFA (Bozar) has a long term ambition to stimulate intercultural dialogue in particular with a specific focus on the Mediterranean world. for 2012-2014, it is putting into place a cultural programme with various events and actions focusing on Egypt, Turkey or Cyprus through major exhibitions, multidisciplinary festivals and debates.

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Frederic Meseeuw
Head of the organisation
Paul Dujardin
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Kurt Deboodt