Centre for Adult Education Validus

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Bleiweissova 15
10000 Zagreb

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Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Youth and education
General Information

“Validus” was established in order to ensure the possibility of formal and informal training of staff working in Community-based services for people with disabilities. The faculty of Validus has significant experience in the social welfare sector and service provision. The founder of Validus, API, is the largest community-based service provider for people with intellectual disabilities in Croatia with a mission to actively support the development of Community-based services in Croatia and Eastern European countries. Validus offers specialized professional training programs for different community-based services and supports as well as verified training programs for direct support staff/personal assistants for people with disabilities. Validus also offers organized study visits to the programs and support services in the community in Croatia and in the region.

Mission and Objectives

Mission: creating the professional capacity for the provision of quality community-based services for people with disabilities. Goal: Provision of training for staff supporting people with disabilities in the community.

Main Projects / Activities

PROFFESIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMMES Person Centered Planning Budgeting (handling money) Self-determination and Self-Advocacy Work activities and Supported Employment Active Support Gentle teaching Community based housing Psychosocial rehabilitation and work in the community It also provides personal assistant course for people with intellectual disabilities which is the one of its kind in Croatia and is approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports.

Contact (1) Full Name
Anita Prsa
Head of the organisation
Nedeljka Miščević