Center for Women's Studies

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Dolac 8
10000 Zagreb

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Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Gender
General Information

Center for Women’s Studies, the first and only center of this kind in Croatia, was founded in 1995 by a group of theoreticians and scientists, feminists, peace activists and artists. Center for Women’s Studies develops multi/interdisciplinary studies and expert knowledge on women’s issues, and is a meeting place of academic discourse, activist engagement and artistic practice. Center’s main activities include education, research, publishing, library, cultural events, public advocacy of the politics of gender equality and women’s studies.

Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Center for Women's Studies is to provide education on women-related issues, to work on raising consciousness of women in Croatia, and to encourage research and publishing related to women’s issues. Additionally, its mission is to empower women in political and civil initiatives through education on multiple levels and affirm the constructive values of peace and solidarity, especially through international networking and program exchange in the field of women’s studies, joint cultural and civil projects, and direct support to women. Within its programs, the Center motivates students and other participants to think critically and to be aware of the importance of women’s issues, thus working on self-empowerment through taking over the responsibility for social change.

Main Projects / Activities

The Center achieves its mission through the following activities and goals: • fundamental scientific research projects • introduction of the gender perspective into education • participation in women’s studies programs in the region/Europe/world • offering a variety of expert knowledge (educational services for women’s organizations, state bodies for implementation of equality, political parties) • publishing (printing of scientific journals, books and women’s studies textbooks, developing specifically oriented libraries) The Center continuously works on: • education on women's issues • promoting women's studies programs at the university • studying female subjectivity, women's history and culture, gender/sex, power and knowledge • taking up new issues relating to women (citizenship, the concept of the female citizen, the politics of reproduction, etc.) • affirming gender conscious politics from a critical feminist perspective • transforming the social status of women with an emphasis on women's rights • promoting and supporting women's culture and knowledge through research, publishing and public events • raising consciousness of historical, civilizational and anthropological values of women • developing a culture of dialogue and a non-violent culture of living

Contact (1) Full Name
Karolina Hrga
Head of the organisation
Karolina Hrga