Centar za tranzicijsku pravdu u Puli

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Danteov Trg 3
52100 Pula

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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Human rights
General Information

Transitional Justice Centar TJC-Pula is the successor of the SENSE News Agency. Current structure of the organization is the following: Assembly, President, Vice-president, Secretary.  The plan is to increase the nuber of employees from current 0 by employing the journalists who worked for the SENSE Agency for the past 15 years. Since its establishment, SENSE Agency was awarded over 10 mill in grants, however, the newly foundedTJC had a modest 10000 turnover in a year.  Since its establishment, the TJC implemented 2 projects, both of which had great reviews and effect. The first was establishment of the Srebrenica Documentation Center (http://www.sense-agency.com/icty/sense-%E2%80%93-srebrenica-documentatio...) and the second was online interactive narrative on the "operation Storm" (http://snv.hr/oluja-u-haagu).

Mission and Objectives

The association was founded to promote, develop and improve transitional justice as well as individual and social process of dealing with the past in order to build sustainable peace. The objective of SENSE - CTP is to encourage the process of confronting the past in Croatia and other countries in the region that have been affected by the wars of the nineties, the presentation and publication of the factual and legal findings of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). This task Association will realize in cooperation with the Hague judges, prosecutors and defenders, similar associations for human rights and transitional justice in the region and abroad, associations of victims and families of missing persons, other civil initiatives, international institutions and organizations, institutions of state and local authorities, scientific institutions, the media, religious communities and other stakeholders. The new Statute is in the process of adoption.

Main Projects / Activities

The Association's activities are: Collecting, arranging and digitizing of audio-visual and other documentary material on the trials for serious violations of international humanitarian law in the Hague, and courts in the region and the establishment of a searchable database of factual and legal findings on what had happened and who was responsible; Production of documentary films and publication of books on various war crimes trials, presentations, exhebitions, projections, international conferences and other legal experts, as well as public debates on specific aspects of the Hague trials and judgments; Informing the public, the deepening of public dialogue and start the creation of public policies that encourage dealing with the past. Strengthening cooperation with similar organizations in Croatia and abroad Creation of local and/or on line Documentation centers to show how the crimes committed in the most affected communities like Srebrenica, Vukovar, Pristina, Prijedor... have been investigated, reconstructed and prosecuted by the ICTY.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Since SENSE Agency and thus the TJC Pula have long standing cooperation with the organizations in Croatia and the region, is a member of RECOM initiative and other associations, we believe to be a valuable partner to other organizations in the Network. In addition, the experiences, knowledge and material built and produced over the past 17 years is a great asset to any non-governmental organization or association that is interested in promoting human rights, justice and dealing with the past.  Working from our offices in Zagreb, Pula and The Hague, we have been dividing our attention regionaly and would therefore valu the experiences of the organizations working in Croata alone, focusing on the local and national issues and gaining experiences TJC Pula is lacking at this point.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Respect between cultures has been one of the goals of the SENSE in the past 17 years. Educating media and public in the region on the work of the Tribunal processing war crimes commited in ex-Yugoslavia and developing a region-wide cooperation with the media and civil society organisations have been our tasks and we are proud of the progress we have made. Our agenda fits perfectly into the mission and goals of the Anna Lindh Foundation Network and we woud therefore valu the membership.

Contact (1) Full Name
Mirko Klarin
Head of the organisation
Mirko Klarin