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+385 1 482 00 94
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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Human rights
General Information

The Center for Peace Studies is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that promotes human/minority rights, non-violence and social change through connecting education, research, public policies and activism. The CPS grew from various forms of direct peace-building activities in Western Slovenia (Volunteers’ Project Pakrac, 1993 - 1997) and was founded in 1996 in Pakrac.

Mission and Objectives

Objectives of the organization are: to develop a culture of dialogue and non-violent living, to encourage a creative exchange of theoretical and practical approaches to peace education, conflict transformation and building social justice through study programmes, trainings and public presentations, to research topics relating to the building of a lasting peace and education for peace, with special reference to the Croatian and regional experience, to develop recommendations for the public policies development, to support networking and exchange of experience in peace building in Croatia and the wider region affected by the 1991 war, to provide information, support and partnership to all emerging local initiatives concerned with peace building, to promote activist approach in local communities, to support education on human rights and for human rights, to stimulate human rights protection practice and public policy human rights development, continued self-education of members and participants in the Centre’s programmes, to advance one’s own understanding of peace activism, to launch new models of education and self-education and to link up with the international network of Centres for peace studies.

Main Projects / Activities

Some of the main activities that CPS has implemented in the last two years are projects concerning minority rights (with the goal of contributing to bridging social and ethnic divides which are: consequences of war and post war period in Croatia and the entire Western Balkan region), education(program Peace Studies has been implemented for the last 12 years as an one-year educational program for adult, program Mlada Miramida – peace education of youth,Human Rights Schools for high school students, the project of education of Croatian lawyers for human rights), discrimination through giving support to the implementation of the Anti-discrimination Act, Human Security and human rights, and national campaign started in 2005 for affirmation and protection of the asylum right “Croatia – heaven(d) on earth”.

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Julija Kranjec
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Sara Lalić