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Körsbärsvägen 9 nb
114 23 Stockholm

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. Gender
  4. Human rights
  5. International/Cultural relations
  6. Media
  7. Research
  8. Youth and education
General Information

CCAP is a non-profit organization for production and distribution of choreography under the leadership of Cristina Caprioli. Cristina Caprioli is a dancer and choreographer based in Stockholm. In the mid 1990s she founded the independent organisation ccap, wherein she produces performances, installations, films, objects, publications and other choreographies, and runs long-term interdisciplinary research projects. Caprioli’s choreography is characterized by precision, complexity and physical high-technology. All of her productions challenge the field’s normative formats and exchange economies.

CCAP works with transdisciplinary art projects and social activities through performances, installations, publications, workshops etc. Since 2010, ccap is based in the working space at Körsbärsvägen in Stockholm, and from March 2019 also at the Hall in Farsta.

CCAP is funded by Region Stockholm, Swedish Arts Council and The City of Stockholm Cultural Administration.

Mission and Objectives

CCAP's foremost objective is to manifets, promote, investigate and problematize choreography as a relevant practice of social belonging - across languages and geographical borders. Main focus is directed on excluded demographics specifically including disabled citizens. This is pursued by art productions produced and performed by extended collaborations. All work is targeting a specific issue pursued by research and long-term practice.

The aim is to achieve and sustain the kind of visibility, clarity, stringency, and accessability required for a dynamic of response. That includes media-specificity as well as trans-mediality - which, in turn, implicates a challenge to normative exchange formats and economies.

The objective is to facilitate expanded exchange and at the same time support specificity of expression. Moreover to problematize conventional perception of body, movement and language, finally to raise specific attention and engaged participation in the dwelling into alternative bodies, movements, and languages.

Main Projects / Activities

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

CCAP may contribute with its extensive experience in the practice and production of choreography in terms of alternative politics and social dynamics. In collaboration with near by and far apart partners.  

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Cristina Caprioli
Job Title
choreographer, artistic and executive director of CCAP
Head of the organisation
Cristina Caprioli
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Anna Grip
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