Bubinga agency

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77th El geash road cornish sporting alexandria
Alexandria Governorate

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Private Company
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  3. International/Cultural relations
  4. Media
  5. Youth and education
General Information

Bubinga Agency was established by the end of 2010 as the next career step after the owner working several years in the field as free lancers and achieving a lot on both the commercial and the cultural fronts.
We at Bubinga strongly focus on pursuing a high standard of professionalism as well as improving the feasibility of events production with guaranteed promotional output that enhances the synergy of all the parties involved as well as adding individually to each experience and mission we embark on.

Cultural Vision
One of our Aims is to be the official professional gate for the intellectuals and artists to the market as we feel it’s part of our responsibility to support their sustainability furthermore leading our client attention to the art scene besides encourage them to establish Csr Department.

the Art to create bridges of dialogue and free expressing plus opening a Space for participation and communication Furthermore reaching a Different Audience who are going to confirm upon gaining their trust that the Diverse independent Art Does Belong .
our organization working on building bridges of communication between youth from different culture through art in. addition to providing all available sorts of support for the artistic youth groups to empower them to the future .
our organization is specialized in the fields of :
managing talents, music production ,building networks and artist mobility’s producing culture events ( street festivals – theater& art forms ),building capacity ,digital alternative media .
when have achieved many culture projects in cooperation of several international foundations suchas: Anna lindah foundation ,Euro med ,Save the children ,British conceal ,Repolitks .Denmark

Board are 5 members
vise president - culture project manager
2 executive coordinators
Volunteers Mentor

Source of funding
Our CSR Department
Erasmus +

Actions :
art festivals ( street festivals - music festivals - theater festival )
art exhibitions
performing arts festivals and production
cross boarder art production
artist mobility
young artist empowerment

Erasmus and Esc actions :
youth exchange
long term and short term volunteering

Erasmus + and ESC
• Save the children association.
• British council
• Nassej Foundation
• Goethe Institute
...Naseej for development and youth

Mission and Objectives

support youth with fewer opportunity with all means possible
support entrepreneurship and decreasing unemployment rates
emphasize on networking as main asset and aspect of production
evolve the artist socially and help them to merge
culture diversity and social inclusion
establishing solid bridges of dialogue and communication between culture
Support digital transformation in the culture management field .
capacity building training and awareness projects about climate change .
utilizing non formal education methodology

Main Projects / Activities

Nursy : Digital Initiative for Alzheimer and special demand home support and awareness .
Moocy : Digital civil society empowerment Umbrella .
ECO ART when art meets environment (Eu and south med ) capacity building project .
Democracy schools for South Med 2024 .

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

to support the network members with our team and internal network varied capability .
in addition to the scanning and social mapping which we have done for several new locations in Egypt through our experience in the previous years .
facilitating and execution skills on the national and regional standards
provide new ideas for projects which support the EU 2030 VALUES AND VISSION
add new partners from euro med to the network
we have online youth Esc volunteers community that gathers 2.2k who are interested in beyond boarder activities and projects as well .

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

make more productive partnerships between cultures and to enhance the standard's of our operations and outcomes by achieving projects with bigger capacities with multi partners .
culture integration and create dialogue through art .
give the opportunity for more youth in our network to get better awareness , knowledge and chance to evolve and cooperation.

Contact (1) Full Name
mohamed fawzy
Job Title
Founder and CEO
Head of the organisation
mohamed fawzy
Contact (2) Full Name
tahra tarek abdullah
Job Title (2)
Culture projects manager