Bosniac Institute - Foundation Adil Zulfikarpasic

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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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  1. Heritage
General Information
The Bosniac Institute – Foundation Adil Zulfikarpasic is a private non-profit foundation, found in 1988 in Zurich and in 2001 in Sarajevo, by Adil Zulfikarpasic. Board of directors (11 members), director responsible to the Board, and 13 staff members. Yearly budget cca EUR 400.000. Source of funding is 99% our own resources. 1. Culture: exhibitions, photography: ‘Muslims of New York’, ‘Auf der Suche nach Atlantis’ etc.; fine arts: Franjo Likar ‘Mersad Berber’, etc.; documentation ‘Dusan Karpatsky’, ‘Faginovic’Calligraphy, etc. 2. Research projects: ‘Monograph on S. Selmanagic’, ‘Scientific portal of B&H diasporas scholars’, etc. 3. Conferences and seminars promoting and developing heritage: MELCOM (Middle Eastern librarians specializing in manuscripts), ICSL (Conference of Slavic librarians), historical like. ‘Fatih and Bosnia’, etc. 4. Humanitarian and community development: BHCrafts, Children Home DUGA, Awareness of cervical cancer, etc. Partners: cultural, scientific and educational institutions in B&H and abroad (national libraries, academies, national galleries, Sarajevo Art, etc., diplomatic missions).
Mission and Objectives

• Contribute to understanding of cultural heritage of B&H and region by selecting, collecting, documenting, preserving, and making it accessible.
• Seek to make available any and all information bearing on the historical interpretations of B&H society at large.
• Reconstruction and development of B&H science, history, culture, art, languages and religions of its peoples.
• Support and encourage cultural, creative, humanitarian and comunity development projects.
• Public awareness-building activities for heritage
• Develop local and international partnership with other cultural institutions
• Support of cultural, historical, linguistic, religious research projects
• Affirmation and promotion of cultural heritage
• Promote dialogue between cultures in cooperation with local and international partners.
• Development and affirmation of B&H and regional humanities

Main Projects / Activities

The Institute contributes to development of culture of B&H in regional and European context, and is used for a wide variety of cultural activates: art, humanities, cultural and historical heritage, and cultural tourism of B&H and the region.
• library and archive: collection, documentation, presentation, preservation, services, scientific portal, information accessibility – online catalogue, digital library, digitalization of various collections.
• art: presentation of own collections (B&H artists), setting up art exhibits that are engaged in social changes and development, and encourage intercultural understanding.
• development of partnership:
a) cultural projects aiming at
-intercultural and inter-religious dialogue,
-rebuilding modes of coexistence and mutual respect in B&H society,
-nurturing and respecting various identities
-presenting other cultures, their art and history.
b) inter library and archive cooperation - exchange, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, study visits, research.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We are willing to take part in Anna Lindh Foundation activities in B&H and elsewhere, to promote the Foundation in ways applicable and compatible to our activities and mission. We can offer a partnership in creating projects that would develop and improve inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue, and that would enhance understanding and presentation of art and culture. In addition, it would be beneficiary to exchange variety of information with the network members.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

To develop partnership with other members of the Foundation organizing cultural, research, humanitarian and community development projects.
The Bosniac Institute – Foundation Adil Zulfikarpasic as a private non-profit foundation is looking for partnership with other organizations and foundations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad that will provide support through calls for projects, seminars, trainings, workshops, donors and similar activities.

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Narcisa Puljek-Bubric
Head of the organisation
Amina Rizvanbegovic Dzuvic