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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information

Baraza is a registered association which maintains and develops an active international network of renowned academics, leaders and specialists involved in transcultural or interfaith institutions. The founding members, advisors and associates of Baraza come from different countries and many walks of life. They work in various fields, are of diverse nationalities, ethnic groups and religious or belief traditions. The Baraza Executive is currently a team of 5 people. Baraza is a membership association where primary accountability is through our Annual General Meeting. We run events, programmes, webinars and conferences. Our flagship projects include UNITY – a life skills programme for young people, the Tolerance, Understanding & Coexistence exhibition, resources for children e.g. world religions colouring book and we contribute to consultations/ events.


Mission and Objectives

“Baraza“ is a Swahili word meaning “council“ or “meeting place.“ It is simply a place where people get together, share news, ideas and try together to solve common problems. Baraza believes in ideals of acceptance, understanding and coexistence. Supported by our network of knowledgeable experts, we invest in education, create real-world encounters and build thriving partnerships. We are a non-profit organisation established to promote an international mindset based on tolerance in areas of culture, religion and understanding among nations. The founding members come from various countries and walks of life, with many years of involvement in the field.

Main Projects / Activities

Tolerance Understanding & Coexistence - We have run a global exhibition for the Sultanate of Oman which has toured 40 countries across the planet Resources for children - We have produced 5 different versions of a Colouring Book for Kids to promote interfaith which has been translated into 14 languages Conferences - We have organised webinars/ conferences on topical subjects e.g. the importance of education for cohesion Events - We have presented our work and ideas at UNESCO and global regional fora Global Gallery of Generosity - Our newest project is to collect and showcase acts of human kindness by people of one background, culture or faith for people of another background, culture or faith UNITY - A leadership, confidence building, resiliency and critical thinking programme which invests in the talents and abilities of young people

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can contribute to the sharing of information and opportunities, work with partners to develop bids for work, include the network in our existing activities and offer our expertise. We are based in Germany so have a footprint here including links to other NGOs, governmental bodies and schools. We have a strong presence in the UK where our Secretary General resides. Our global network of Advisors and supporters live in many other countries and this allows us to stretch our reach further e.g. Belgium, Brazil, France, Italy, Jordan, Oman and USA.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We are an international organisation. We are ambitious and are guided by our mission to do good and to bring good to everything we do. Since 2017 we have established partnerships e.g. we are members of United Religions Initiative Europe and have made a positive and tangible impact through our work. The ALF Network will allow us to expand, develop and learn from partners. This will be of mutual benefit. Our Executive and Advisor teams are immersed in transnational and cultural cooperation. They bring vast experience and abilities to deliver. Many of them have received high recognition for their efforts. We wish to share that for the benefit of societies across the globe and for us in turn to gain from being part of a wider network of likeminded organisations.

Additional Information
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Riaz Ravat
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Secretary General
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Georg Popp
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Georg Popp
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