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General Information

Bacači sjenki/Shadow Casters is a non-profit international artistic and production platform dedicated to interdisciplinary collaboration, creation and reflection within the field of intermedia arts, especially in the domain of its implementation in urban spaces. It is situated in Zagreb with three core collaborators and one employee. Its yearly budget is approximately 90.000,00 Euro. The organization is financed by Croatian Ministry of Culture, Municipal office for education, sports and culture in Zagreb and National Foundation for Civil Society Development. It is also financed by other foundations and sponsors on specific projects. Shadow Casters create and produce theatre, exhibitions, multimedia, workshops, etc. Over the years Shadow Casters have collaborated with different organizations in Croatia and internationally. Some of those are: Center for Peace Studies Zagreb, Center for Cultural Decontamination Belgrade, Multimedia Cultural Center Split, Croatian Film Clubs' Association, International Theatre Festival MESS, Zagreb Youth Theatre, Atelje 212, etc.

Mission and Objectives

Through its activities that encompass a broad range of projects – multimedia performances, cultural memory projects, urban-human networks, educational projects, workshops, lectures, conferences, urban performances, installations and exhibitions – Shadow Casters continuously instigate intercultural dialogue and active exchange between Croatian and international artists and professionals, at once questioning the existing concepts of individual and collective identity. The platform also strives to stimulate the debate on the nature and contradictions of the on-going globalization process, dealing with those social, political and cultural issues that reveal the acute problems and issues of a certain society: among other things, the politics of public space, the consequences of transition processes, the status and forms of intimacy as well as the systematic production of amnesia and discontinuity.

Main Projects / Activities

Shadow Casters have produced a number of projects on local and international level. The majority of these projects, created as performative, educational, multimedia or socially engaged time sculptures, examine the relation of man and space through entirely different approaches: poetic-detective urban travels through world cities Shadow Casters; theatre trilogy based on Kafka: Process_City (Process_in_Progress, Ex-position, Vacation From History); penetrating into the microcosm of one Zagreb skyscraper and the multi-facetted revealing of its past, present and future Man is Space: Vitić Dances; a multimedia archive of urban events that become the tool for studying the hypertextuality of space Re-collecting City/Re-collecting Time; theatre trilogy On togetherness (Explicit Contents, ®evolution: Master Class, Male/Female-Female/Male), multimedia installation History of Vacation, etc.

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