Austrian Commission for UNESCO / Österreichische Unesco-Kommission

National Network

Universitätsstraße 5/DG
1010 Vienna

+43-1- 526 13 01 - 12
Telephone (other)
+43-1- 526 13 01 - 13
+43-1- 526 13 01 20
Organisation Type
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. Environment/Sustainable development
  4. Gender
  5. Heritage
  6. Human rights
  7. International/Cultural relations
  8. Media
  9. Others
  10. Religion
General Information
. Structure: Established in 1949 by a decree of the Federal Ministry of Education, the Commission became an independent registered society in 2001: - General Assembly - Executive Committee (representatives of relevant Ministries, Provincial Governments of Austria, 1 NGO, Chairpersons of all Programme/Advisory Committees) - Chairperson (appointed by Minister) - The Secretary-General (appointed by Executive Board) - Secretariat: 5 professionals, 1 support staff. The 2.-3. The Budget, covering staff salaries, running and operating costs, provided by the Government. In addition, financial contributions targeted at specifics projects from different sources. Total budget 2006: € 450.000. 4. Main Partners: Statutory Members: Federal Ministries, Provincial Governments, NGOs Advisory Panels on Information for All and DESD Working Panel on Cultural Diversity National Committees for the UNESCO Scientific Programmes (MAB, IHP, IGCP) and the Memory of the World Program
Mission and Objectives

According to Art. VII of the UNESCO Constitution, each State joining UNESCO is obliged to establish a National Commission in order to ensure the implementation of UNESCO programmes at national level, involving the various ministerial departments, agencies, institutions, organizations and individuals working for the promotion of education, science, culture and communication/information.
The role of National Commissions is to ensure the intellectual, scientific, artistic or administrative assistance that UNESCO may require, to disseminate information on the objectives, programmes and activities of UNESCO and endeavour to raise public interest in relevant global issues.

Main Projects / Activities

Ensuring the implementation of UNESCO programmes and concerns, serving as a “hub” at national as well as international level.
Focal points are selected within the field of UNESCO focal points, to date: adult literacy, fostering UNESCO Associated Schools, education for sustainable development, biosphere reserves, intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity, intangible heritage
Statutory Tasks:
• advising the federal and provincial governments;
• establishing and maintaining contacts between UNESCO and interested institutions and individuals in Austria;
• co-operating with UNESCO-relevant regional initiatives;
• participating in the organisational preparations for UNESCO events
• informing the public of UNESCO goals and programmes
• co-operating with NatComs of other countries

Contact (1) Full Name
Gabriele Eschig, Secretary-General
Head of the organisation
Johann Marte, President
Contact (2) Full Name
Bettina Rossbacher, Education & Science Programme Specialist