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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Human rights
General Information

The Assyrian Monitor for Human Rights is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in 2014, with its headquarters in Sweden.
It has a number of representatives in Germany, France, Canada, Australia and Austria. Observers and jurists in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt.
The Assyrian Monitor for Human Rights depends for its funding on donations, member contributions, and grants for projects.
The Assyrian Monitor has a number of companies with institutions inside and outside Sweden.

Mission and Objectives

The purpose of the organization is to work for: a - To monitor, review and report violations of human rights against Assyrians due to their ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic minority rights in the Middle East. b- To raise awareness and knowledge of human rights among Assyrians and the general public. c - To anchor and consolidate the values ​​of democracy and diversity among different ethnic groups in the area with a focus on young people. d - To encourage dialogue and cooperation with other ethnic and religious groups in the Middle East and internationally. e - To be available as a reliable source of information on the state of human rights violations and human rights violations against Assyrians and other minorities in the region.

Main Projects / Activities

The Assyrian Monitor works on four axes
1. Monitor and document violations of the Christian communities in the Middle East and North Africa, through the issuance of human rights statements, reports, and legal studies.
2. Consolidating the values ​​of democracy and diversity among the various ethnic and religious groups in the Middle East as a means of promoting constructive participation and tolerance, through holding workshops, trainings, conferences, dialogue tables, lectures, and participating in television programs.
3. Working on integration issues for immigrants from Middle Eastern countries into European societies.
4. International observation of the elections in a number of countries in the Middle East.
5- Working to support women's and children's issues
6. Publishing books and brochures related to human rights and minority rights issues

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can contribute through the exchange of experiences with other partner organizations, and work to find partnerships between us and other organizations, and then cooperate in projects that achieve the main goals of the network.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We are always looking for companies with organizations that are similar to us, in order to increase our expertise in our field of work, and to open new horizons that would develop our work.

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‪Jamil Diarbakerli‬‏
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Executive Director
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‪Jamil Diarbakerli‬‏
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Gabreela Gharibo
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Public relations