Association for the promotion and protection of human rights "SMS"

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Ljudevita Gaja 3
33000 Virovitica

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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Human rights
  3. Youth and education
General Information

The bodies of the Association are: 1. Assembly of the Association; 2. The Management Board of the Association; 3. The President of the Association; 4. Secretary of the Association. The Association has employed one person, but a larger number of volunteers (8). In 2015. we plan to employ 4 people. The planned budget for 2015 is around 2000.00 euros (without the EU and other projects). Assets of the Association consists of funds that the Association membership fees, voluntary contributions and gifts, funding programs and projects of the Association of State Budget and budgets of local and regional (regional) governments and funds and / or foreign sources, as well as other monetary assets acquired in accordance with the Act, its real estate and movables, as well as other property rights. During the current year we plan to answer the three competition relating to human rights, youth, Roma, and the disabled and elderly people. Partners in the project will be: City of Virovitica, Virovitičko podravska district, Association of Pensioners and the Roma community Virovitica.

Mission and Objectives

The Association is active in the field of human and constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms. The objectives of the association are to promote and protect human rights in accordance with applicable and convention ratified by the Croatian, and in particular the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UN), Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and additional protocols thereto, regulations and directives European Union and other international treaties that the Republic of Croatia concluded and who commit it, and relating to the area of human rights, and the promotion, enhancement and protection of constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms.

Main Projects / Activities

Association activities are used to accomplish the objectives are: - The monitoring of human and constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms in the Republic of Croatia and the collection of documents on human rights cases and constitutionally guaranteed rights, and fingering and encourage the need to protect human and the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia guaranteed rights to the competent authorities; - Proposing, advocacy and monitoring of national and international public policy, anti-discrimination and human rights; - Raising awareness of human rights and promotion of democracy, citizenship policy of the European Union and consistent respect for the rule of law; - Advocacy and assistance for the benefit of citizens on the basis of equality and gender equality; - Strengthening and development of civil society for the provision of social services and the preparation and implementation of actions to assist socially disadvantaged and vulnerable citizens (children, unemployed people, members of minority groups, women, victims of domestic violence, elderly, invalids people) and aid in their social integration into society; - Providing legal support and assistance to individuals and vulnerable groups of the civil society in the field of human and constitutionally guaranteed rights of the Republic of Croatia in accordance with the applicable legislation; - Develop a culture of dialogue and non-violent culture of life and encouraging research topics related to peace-building and education for peace, multicultural understanding, tolerance and diversity; - Promoting social and economic equality, strengthening social cohesion and the action against poverty and social exclusion; - Promoting partnerships and building the capacity of civil society organizations and social partners; - Prevention, control and action against corruption; - Influence and improving the efficiency of public administration; - Preventing and combating racism, xenophobia, homophobia and other forms of intolerance; - To prevent and combat violence against and among children, young people and women, the fight against human trafficking and support victims of violence and crime; - Support access to sustainable and quality employment of the unemployed with an emphasis on effective measures of active labor market policies for young people, long-term unemployed, women and older workers, as well as preventive measures to reduce the risk of job losses in the changed economic conditions; - Independent and impartial observation of all forms of elections and referenda in the Republic of Croatia in accordance with applicable regulations; - Organizing preventive - educational programs directed to the rights of children, youth, students and their families, the disabled, women, the unemployed and the teachers, educators and other stakeholders in the community to raise awareness and knowledge of human and constitutional rights and opportunities exercise thereof; - Publishing of books, magazines and leaflets, holding public presentations, seminars, workshops and conferences on the topic of human rights and constitutionally guaranteed rights; - Cooperation with national minorities; - Cooperation with state and judicial bodies, trade unions, local and regional (regional) governments, law firms and other organizations to achieve the aims and objectives of the Association; - Cooperation with other related associations and organizations, including transnational cooperation.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

The Association may contribute to the development of human rights in accordance with their aims and operations of. In particular this applies to the following activities: - Maintenance of training, seminars and other training; - consultation citizens about human rights; - Publishing brochures and leaflets.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We want to become a member of the Anna Lindh Foundation because we share the same values. Our association is proud to highlight membership in the Anna Lindh Foundation.

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Mario Jakša
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President of the association
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Mario Jakša