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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Human rights
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General Information

Association Footura tries to reach as many young individuals as possible, and although we implement our first project with Erasmus in 2015, we have a team of very actively engaged and experienced volunteers and members who are able to organize large-scale sporting events. At the beginning of 2014, in its aim to provide more diverse and thorough program for the development of youths’ potential, the association started an immense initiative to expand its sphere of activities, going further beyond sport-oriented undertakings. Footura hired established specialists to act as mentors and organize innovative and creative trainings targeting students from the top Bulgarian universities, who had already proven their excellence at academic level. Nowadays more than 100 youths have already gained certificates for passing successfully the different work programmes, such as “Practical realization and impact assessment of the EU regional policy”, “Methods for accounting of the economic activities”, “Current management models in the sphere of economy”, “Sport management”, “Procedures in preparation and implementation of EU-funded projects”, “PR and image building”, etc. As a result during the last year more than 90% of the Footura’s work associates belonged to the group of young people (most of them aged between 19 and 26). Our members also participated in several Youth exchange on Erasmus and Euromed.

Mission and Objectives

National movement Union for development of sport and sports culture FOOTURA has as main purpose the development and promotion of various sports, as well as activities for sports and cultural tourism, exchange programs, etc., through organization, grants and respective support to individuals and teams, sport events and other events with charitable and / or demonstration purposes on the territory of Bulgaria and abroad. All activities of the Association are oriented towards amateur and collegiate model of practicing sports to motivate children, young people and amateur athletes to an active and healthy lifestyle and the Association constanly seek to attract new people to support the ideas and goals of Footura and to practice sports in the best possible conditions. Among the other objectives of the Association are: 1. Development of youth activities, initiatives and projects, supporting healthy lifestyles and physical education of children and youth. 2. Defending national policy of the Republic of Bulgaria the strategic place of sport, sports culture and sports education among teenagers and amateurs. 3. Work to restore and expand existing and create new connections between people, organizations, regions and other structures based on sport and sports culture and specific sports events - both in Bulgaria and abroad. 4. Promoting the achievements, projects and initiative of individuals and organizations in the field of amateur sport. 5. Supporting our members for better implementation and solve certain social issues of training and competence on issues related directly to sports and topics beyond. 6. Involve a wide range of citizens and civic organizations in the activities of the Association, forming partnerships with companies concerning their support to the Association and its objectives, as well as dialogue with central and local executive authorities and their affiliates on opportunities for joint initiatives and projects related to the objectives of the Association. 7. Formation and supporting sports teams at the Association (also individual athletes) to participate in amateur and / or professional competitions and tournaments in various sports, as well as building and managing the activities of the Academy of Football and / or other sports games. 8. Creation and development of better infrastructure for the practice of amateur sport, which increases motivation and keeps the commitment of young people. 9. Participation in public life and public dialogue on the issues of youth and sports - both directly and indirectly (through the Internet). 10. Improving the health of the population and improve the quality of medical services in the country. 11. Supporting local governments in identifying current problems of the community in the field of sport and health, and support for their solution. 12. Develop, implement and coordinate development projects. 13. Collection, maintenance and dissemination of information on existing national and international investment, credit, humanitarian and others institutions and their conditions of investment, credit and assistance.

Main Projects / Activities

«Greedy for Sport» Sofia Municipality, 2014 "Students practice" to the Ministry of Education, 2013-2014 «FARE-against racism in football with partners UEFA and EU", completed projects in 2013 and 2014 «Erasmus + Project Junior HOP» 2015 «Erasmus + Project Promoting healthy practices in sports clubs», 2015 "European Week of Sport» 2013, 2014, 2015 «International Day of Sport, the United Nations» 2014 and 2015

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We will develop the possibilities that already exists - given by us and given by other organizations here in Bulgaria - to open the minds and chances of the young people to touch to various cultures and behaviours. 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Association Footura has a team working on international level and we appreciate every possible membership of our organization as recognition for our work and values. We would like to join ALF network in order to achieve new horizons for inter-cultural and partnersip opportunities. 

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Emiliyan Metodiev
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Head of the organisation
Emiliyan Metodiev
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Stoyan Gechkov