Association for European Partnership /AEP/

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(+359 2) 8524235
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Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
General Information
The Association for European Partnership /AEP/ is a non-profit NGO, highly experienced in elaboration, implementation and management of projects. Staff: FTE - 18 experts Part time employees - 36 expert Average turnover per year - about 100 000 EUR Source of funding - services Field of activities: • Consultancy in entrepreneurship, tourism, multiculturalism and multicultural dialogue, development of social society, social dialogue, CSR and other democracy development and EU-related issues • Research and studies in the field of social infrastructure, employment factors and demographic issues • Training on EU matters – organization of seminars, courses, workshops, etc. • Preparation and publishing of information guides on various crucial for the society EU matters • Organization of:  events: conferences, symposia, round tables  information campaigns  discussion forums and public debates  partnership and match-making events  company presentations, celebrations, official meetings, etc. • Event management • Partner search for EU projects • Benchmarking and dissemination of “good practices” • Carrying out cross-section and comparative analyses and studies at a national and EU level Main Partners: - ALDA - civil society NGOs in Bulgaria and abroad - women NGOs in Bulgaria and abroad - Europe Direct and EEN Networks - Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Bulgaria and abroad
Mission and Objectives

Mission: Strengthening civil society.
Main objectives:
• provoking debates on civil society issues
• contributing to the development and strengthening of the democratic civil society
• raising the awareness of the principles of democracy
• promotion of the EU values, EU policies and the instruments
• assistance in partner-search in the EU and third countries for joint projects, organisation of events and business cooperation
• provoking pro-active attitude to problem solution and policy and decision making at national and international level
• contribution to the cohesion process
• labouring the road to a knowledge-based economic growth

Main Projects / Activities

Main projects during the last three years:
“The Parliament of all European Citizens – from the Treaty of Rome to the Challenges of Enlargement and the Constitution for Europe" - EP–DG Communication - INFO/2007/04/0033 European Parliament
"Tender Europe" - European Commission-Plan D - 30-CE-0149146/00-60 - European Commission
"WISE – Women in Political Life for a Successful Europe" - Europe for Citizens Programme, Civil Society Project 2008-1757/001-001 - European Commission
"Active Citizens for a Better Europe" - Europe for Citizens Programme, 2008-4012/001-001 - European Commission
"Active and Stable Civil Society NGOs for more Efficient and Transparent Administration" - Operational Programme “Administrative Capacity” for the absorption of the Structural Funds – financial source European Social Fund 08-23-161/25.04.2008 ESF
"Bulgaria's Days in Luxembourgh - Re-discover Bulgaria" - Communication Strategy of the Rep. of Bulgaria for the EU - 24517 EUR

Contact (1) Full Name
Mrs. Beata Papazova
Head of the organisation
Mr. Venko Pavlov
Contact (2) Full Name
Mrs. Mariana Stefanova