Association de Recherche Scientifique et Innovation en Informatique

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General Information

ARSII (Association de Recherche Scientifique et Innovation en Informatique)  is a scientific association, founded in 2016 by young teachers’ researchers in Computer Science. ARSII is devoted to the support of scientific research in the field of information technology and innovation; proposal, supervision and follow-up of innovative projects; cooperation and collaboration with socio-economic partners at national and international level. 

Mission and Objectives

ARSII aims to bring scientific research and academia closer to industry and provide support for the integration of students in the professional environment. Furthermore, ARSII organize scientific events at national and international level.

Main Projects / Activities

Since 2016, ARSII has organized various events, such as the first and the second edition of the Day of Industry and Scientific Research in Computer Science. The main theme was "Scientific Research and Advanced Technologies for Industry". The National Agency for the Promotion of Research in addition to one of the largest research laboratories in Tunisia were represented. Various projects and business leaders were present during the two days event as speakers. On 18 April 2017, ARSII organized Tunisian Research Day in Computer Science (JTRI’2017, the first edition). The main idea was to combine a micro and macro vision for scientific research in Tunisia.  The JTRI'2017 was divided into three sessions and a Workshop: The first session of the JTRI (Horizon 2020 Session), aims to present the H2020 program. ARSII was also official partner in the event Researchers' night in Tunisia. This event was an opportunity for the general public, especially youth, high school students and kids, to discover the research activities carried out in collaboration with Member States of the European Union. This event has took place on Friday, September 28, 2018 in the City of Culture in Tunis, under the label "Researchers 'Night in Tunisia", awarded by the European Commission to the project LiLa JemILA, placed under the Horizon 2020, under the theme Marie Sklodowska-Curie, the "Researchers' Night in Tunisia.

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Ahmed Maalel
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Assistant Professor
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Ahmed Maalel