Association for civil society development Bonsai

National Network

Svetoga Kriza 3

Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Human rights
  3. International/Cultural relations
  4. Youth and education
General Information

Founded on 2008 with   two basic programmes: running a local voluntary centre and having an educational programme, Bonsai is beneficiary of institutional support of National Foundation for Civil Society Development. Centre is financed by City of Dubrovnik, Ministry of social politics and youth. Structure:  Assembly (members), Board of Governors (5 volunteers), Executive director, and executive team (3 employed), volunteers. Projects: -educational support   for children from socially vulnerable families („Faktor V“) -a project VOLCAR (guidance to raise employability for volunteers) -other projects run by Bonsai (Generacija A, Volonterski program po mjeri) have a goal to empower local community through work with young and socially vulnerable groups. Partners: Centre for social care Dubrovnik, City of Dubrovnik Development Agency, Erasmus Student Network Dubrovnik, City of Dubrovnik, European Volunteer Centre, Desa-Dubrovnik, Unidu radio, Association Mi-Split, Association Lukjernica, Association DUSAB, EDOS Foundation Netherland Budgetary in a year 2015:  app.315 000 HRK  

Mission and Objectives

Bonsai's mission is a society in which all of the individuals use their creative strength in the making of an open, compassionate and active community. Bonsai is a volunteer centre which, through the connecting of the community, raising of awareness of active participation and the informal education, builds a society of equal opportunities and encourages personal and social development. Objectives: -Contribute on building an active and open society through building awareness public about the importance of volunteering -Enhance availability of well organised voluntary programmes for citizens of Dubrovnik and surroundings -Promote creativity, permanent learning and acceptance of diversity as a virtue for active, open community especially among youth -Secure stability of organisation through self-financing  

Main Projects / Activities

Volunteer Centre Dubrovnik, a main programme of organisation Bonsai -was founded in April 2010. With membership in Croatian   Volunteer Centre Network and according to the quality standard Bonsai leads local voluntary centre promoting volunteering, building the capacities throughout on line voluntary base and education in management of volunteering. Promoting the value of volunteering, informing, educating and supporting volunteers and volunteer organizations, providing volunteer exchange service for local community as well as undertaking researches of subjects relevant for volunteer development on local but as well also on national and international level Educational programme is being held from 2011. Integral part of this programme is Festival Trece uho (Third Ear Festival)- festival of foreign culture in Dubrovnik. Festival Trece uho is completely run on volunteering power (we include long term and short term volunteers, staff and guests are volunteers).  

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Considering the activities of Bonsai; being voluntary centre and having educational programme we can provide civil society support, knowledge and our experience together with network of partners for the future actions. Also, according to our mission and objectives we can contribute to enhance a civil participation through voluntary, education, creative development and work for public interest in Dubrovnik-Neretva county.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Becoming a member of ALF Network, association Bonsai will experience new perspective of coexistence and diversity cultures among Mediterranean countries. Objectives and tasks of Anna Lindh Foundation are in alignment of our organisation values and the ones that can contribute to intercultural development in Dubrovnik in which Bonsai would be mechanism of facilitation on subjects of   tolerance, cultural understanding, dialog between religions and avoiding stereotypes, xenophobia and racism and in public domain. 

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Anja Markovic
Job Title
Executive directress
Head of the organisation
Anja Marković