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2, Tzar Kaloyan Str.
Haskovo 6300

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+359 888 426682
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+359 885 815085
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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. International/Cultural relations
General Information
Association's aims are: Confirmation of democratic practices in the local self-government; Participation in the process of improvement of children and; Development and affirmation of democratic values of civil community; Improvement of the living standard quality of the local community through contribution of services and activities in the field of education, ecology and health, culture, social area and others; Prevention and support of social groups in risk by the local and regional community in the process of their social integration Target groups – local and regional community, children and youths, ethnical groups, non-profit organizations, children and youth in risk. Memlership- member of Association of NGO’s in Tricia region /cross border region Bulgaria Turkey/
Mission and Objectives

Development of NGO sector in Haskovo region – education and training on systems for communication skills, consultations;
Establishment of local communities related to work with children and applying a policy for children protection;
Education and training on social skills /communication skills, conflicts resolution, group-dynamic psychological training, team work, facilitating/holding working meetings/, intercultural cooperation, projects elaborating, strategic planning and others;
Youth programes, activities and initiatives;
Information activity;
Psychological consultation and training.

Main Projects / Activities

- Projects related to socializing and personal development of youths, health education and civic education about educating children, youths, parents and teachers- 33 small projects in the period 1994-98, financed by Center “Open Education”.
- 1997-98- in partnership with 4 more organizations, participating in Free Education Association- project “Interaction between local educational authorities and organizations with ideal purpose” by Program Democratic Network
- 1997-98- By program PHARE- Democracy- “Together for democracy- increasing the civil activity of different ethnic groups in Haskovo”
- 1998-99- Project “Microphone for us” aimed at improving the interaction between NGOs in Haskovo, media and local government, financed by Foundation for Civil Society Development.
- Project “NO to the violence tomorrow” /Creation of a stable model for prevention and help for maltreated children/ financed by PHARE- LIEN/
- 2000-2002 - Together with 5 more organizations in Coalition “Democratic citizenship”- project “The social capital of the small town” by program “Democracy Network Program-2”. Basic purpose of the project- educating and supporting NGOs and civil groups of small counties.
- Project “Together for democracy/ Partnership between youth councils of Haskovo
and Labin, Croatia, 2002. Financed by program “Youth net program” of the Stability Pact for SEE
- Participation in project of National Alliance for Work with Volunteers “Creation of youth volunteer center for activities in the social sphere”, financed by UNDP- 2002-2003
- In the spring of 2002 started the development of Municipality strategy for child protection. In its development active part took Krasimira Damyanova and Irena Grigorova- as trainers of work-groups and by elaborating specific strategy points. In October 2002 the strategy was accepted on a session of the County Council – Haskovo.
- 2003-2004 Project “Resource center for children rights in Haskovo region“ by the European youth foundation at Council of Europe. Aim of the project is education and professional support of young specialists, working with children.
- 2003-2004 - Project “Development of regional youth policy in Haskovo region. The project is financed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Youth Program, Action 5
2005-2006- Youth projects- Youth program
2007- Partner in Cross-border Bulgarian – Turkish project for development the NGO’s in cross border region Bulgaria- Turkey
- 2007- 2008 Project “Open world social rehabilitation and integration center”- PHARE Program
- 2008 “Tolerance Workshop”- Youth in action program Action 1.2.
- 2008- “With the little help from my friends”- Civil Workshop Foundation- Bulgaria
- 2008- Participation and partnership in the establishment and activities of the Informational Consultative Youth Centre in Haskovo, Bulgaria
- 2008- 2009- Partner in the project of Europa-Haus Leipzig e. V. - “A Day without Europe”- Program “Fundamental rights and citizenship”

Contact (1) Full Name
Irena Grigorova
Head of the organisation
Irena Grigorova
Contact (2) Full Name
Krasimira Damyanova