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9, Bratya Kanazirevi str.
2760 Razlog

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. Gender
  4. Heritage
  5. Human rights
  6. International/Cultural relations
  7. Youth and education
General Information
Association “Brainstorm group”, Bulgaria is a private non-governmental organization for public benefit. The aim of the NGO is to prepare youths and unemployed citizens for successful participation in the European labor market, provide career consultancy services and raise awareness about contemporary economics and opportunities for joint ventures in EU by organizing workshops in entrepreneurship and self-employment.  The leaders of “Brainstorm Group” are experienced in running educational projects and have participated in LLP and Erasmus+ youth trainings and exchanges.
Mission and Objectives

Our objectives are:
Organizing courses, seminars, training camps, conferences and international exchange programs for young people and unemployed for career development starting from basic competencies acquisition to effective communication skills, leadership and entrepreneurship.
Providing guidance and helping in internships and job placement and setting up of own companies
Supporting youths initiatives and participation in Erasmus+ programs
Initiating human rights projects fostering equality care for people with special needs and programs for inclusion of disadvantaged, especially those living in remote rural regions.
Setting up youth clubs of interest for promotion of national and European culture and traditions.
Offering information, administrative and consulting services for NGOs and schools
Publishing, advertising and translation activities to achieve the objectives of the association.

Main Projects / Activities

The association was founded in order to organize courses for community members and students from the schools in the rural region, out of school youths and unemployed. The staff who will be involved in the current project will be engaged in running the activities in Bulgaria take part in meetings and trainings and will commit themselves in the composition, implementation and evaluation of educational materials.
Now, we are working on the following projects:
Project ”UNITED” includes Municipality of Raska (Youth Office and Service for local economic development), and 7 more partners from Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia.
The project will be lead by Municipality of Raska – Youth Office.
The topic is  the EU policies in rural areas  and social responsibilities and volunteering that also coincides with the specific programme aim for promoting opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement and volunteering.
“‘DemocrActive” -  NGO CIVIS PLUS will coordinate the project.
Other participants are from: Portugal, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Poland
Youth participation in the democratic life of the Union is an area for discussion and reference point for a variety of measures and policies both at Member States and the EU.
The ITC “Homogeneous Partnership-building-Activity for Programme Countries” is to take place from 02 – 10 September 2017 in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. The coordinating organisation is  ACT FOR GRANTS C.I.C. – London UK
   The main goal of the project is to organize an international training course in which will be involved 45 Youth leaders, youth workers and NGO representatives coming from 14 different countries across Europe.
      The countries are: UK, Malta, France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We would like to include more youngsters in our projects in order to teach them how to take a part in the realisation of youth policy of EU.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

This is the new possibility for us to work on different field. 

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Katya Petrova Brankova
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Head of the organisation
Katya Brankova
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KInka Ivanova Pendzhakova
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vice president