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General Information

Artistes Sans Frontières – Tunisie is a cultural association that consists of an executive board of four members and an employee, as well as volunteers. We are sustained by cotizations from the executive team, as well as donations from various organizations and revenue from the organized events. Our partners can be divided between the four stages of our artistic projects: formation (Evora Musical School, Cesaria Training) creation (Nostalgia Band), production (Studio FX) and diffusion (Tunivisions), but we also collaborate with international brands that support our activities (Institut Francais, Hard Rock Cafe, Goethe Institut and Ministry of Cultural Affaires).

Mission and Objectives

Artistes Sans Frontières – Tunisie is a team of talented youths whose mission is to democratize local people's access to world culture with a low budget. Our main target is young people who are open to creative intercultural events, and our objectives include bringing such forms of artistic expression closer to the people of Sfax, and hopefully extend the concept all through Tunisia in the years that follow.

Main Projects / Activities

Our association works with international artists and has been organizing cultural exchanges since 2012. At this time, we have made musical residency activities with our partners in Germany (Mano Muzik Festival) and France (AixQui, Poitiers) and we would like to enlarge our network and diversify our projects. The residency program aims to be a creative exchange between Tunisia and a foreign country. Our most recent project aims to take our mission one step further by creating the Cultural Container co-working space that will make Sfax an international capital of culture. We were inspired by improvised spaces in developing countries, and now we want to make the ultimate space for artistic expression, using shipping containers - this way we can optimize the production costs of events, while also centralizing and sharing the skills and expertise of the main cultural actors (organizers, freelancers, and artists). You can find links to some of our projects below: Production in Tunisia: Reportage: Production in France:

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

With the musical residencies and exchanges we organize, we try to get closer to our goal of democratizing the access to world culture for both the people of Sfax and their foreign counterparts. Moreover, we wish to change Tunisia’s unequal distribution of artistic events by creating the Cultural Container, a co-working space inspired by improvised spaces in developing countries, that should become the ultimate space for artistic expression. Using shipping containers, we can achieve the same effect as the great cultural spaces of the world with a low budget and make the people of Sfax feel like real citizens of the world.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We believe our activities are ideally in line with the mission of Anna Lindh, and we feel confident that a collaborative relationship would allow us to centralize the resources, talent and skill of both our association and the foundation and can greatly benefit the national Network, as well as our target audience. Together we can improve social understanding between the corners of the Mediterranian and discover the diversity, but also the shared traits of our complex cultures.

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Melek Maazoun
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Head of the organisation
Melek Maazoun
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Helmi Kobbi
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secretaire général