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General Information
The Art Gallery of Ruse was founded in 1933. From 1979 onwards the gallery is situated in the Exhibition Hall on 39 “Borisova” Str. There is ample space (covering an area of 2800 square meters) provided for standing exhibitions of painting, sculptures and graphic works from the gallery’s own collection, as well as for visiting exhibitions. Today there are 2 700 art works in the gallery fund. They illustrate the progress and the attainments of the Bulgarian pictorial arts from the end of the 19 century to the present day. Standing exhibitions in the Art Gallery of Ruse are: Founders of the gallery, Bulgarian painting from the 1920s and the 1930s, The Icon in the Past and Today”. During the period 1979-2006 many international art meetings took place at the Gallery. As a result a lot of foreign artists’ works were added to the fund. There are pictures and drawings by authors from Germany, China, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, etc. We should also mention some of the graphic works by foreign artists - Liu Sen Shen, Robert Yanchovich, Sousoumou Endo. In the last years an average of 30 exhibitions per year are hosted by the Gallery. Among them there are exhibitions connected to the March Music Days Festival, which managed to break up with traditionalism and also some unconventional exhibitions like Music-Vision, Music in Material, etc. Apart from the Bulgarian exhibitions, the gallery hosts also international ones. Visiting exhibitions display a variety of trends in pictorial arts in the halls of the gallery. Some of them are organized with the support of foreign cultural establishments, embassies or galleries. In the years of its existence the Art Gallery of Ruse became a significant cultural institute in the town and the region and a place for storing the achievements of the modern plastic culture. The future plans of the Art Gallery include on the one hand improving the dialogue between different generations of artists, and integration of traditional events and unorthodox approaches on the other. The organization has a 7-members staff: a Director, 3 Curators, an Accountant, a Host, and a security guard. The available budgetary resources in a year amount to 39 810 EUR. The Art Gallery of Ruse is being financed by the Ministry of Culture, Ruse Municipality and participations in international projects. In the last years the Art Gallery of Ruse implements joint projects with contemporary Bulgarian and foreign artists from Serbia, Romania, Austria, Germany, Poland and France. Partners - The Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria, The Cultural Institutes of Italy, The Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, The Union of Bulgarian Artists and other Bulgarian and foreign galleries and museums.
Mission and Objectives

The Art Gallery of Ruse participates actively in the present and future development of art and culture in Bulgaria. One of our main objectives is the preservation, conservation, safeguarding, research, exhibiting and popularization of visual art from the end on 19th century to the present. The exhibitions include classical painting, graphic arts and sculpture, as well as contemporary art in its unconventional forms, often combined with multimedia. Apart from exhibitions, a great diversity of cultural events take place in the Gallery, such as concerts, literary readings, film screenings and theater performances, which is indicative of the tendencies for interdisciplinarity and synthesis of different kinds of art.

Main Projects / Activities

One of the main activities of the Gallery is the presentation of Bulgarian and foreign art. In the recent years there has been a tendency for expansion of international cultural relations via organization of joint events. Some of the most successful initiatives were the visiting exhibitions from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania and Italy, and in 2013 – from Israel and Palestine. In 2012 - 2013 collective exhibitions of artists from Ruse were organized in Ukraine, Romania and Israel.
The Gallery participates in international projects:
2013 – 2011 – ABC - The Art of the Book, Culture Programme 2007-2013
2011 - Cross-Border University Network for Intercultural Communication of the Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2007-2013
2009 – Аnimaliter – project, funded with support from the European Commission in Strasbourg and in partnership with the Cities of Warsaw, Brno, Debrecen, Košice and Ruse.
2008 – Cross-border Romanian-Bulgarian project Danube Spirit
2007 – Theatre in Passepartout – performance – Bulgarian- Serbian theatre project
2006 – Shrinking Cities – International Exhibition, organized in collaboration with Robert Bosch Foundation, Berlin and The International Association “Elias Canetti
2005/2006 – Der Ohranzeuge – 50 Characters. Art Gallery of Rouse, National Palace of Culture-Sofia, Bulgarian Cultural Centers in Vienna, Berlin, Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, and Budapest.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

The Art Gallery of Ruse can participate in joint projects with the other member organizations by using already established relationships with the institutional representatives and individual artists. The joint efforts and activities would contribute to the achievement of our common goals for effective social dialogue between different cultures.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

The Art Gallery of Ruse shares the principles and objectives of the Anna Lind Foundation in respect of intercultural dialogue as part of the priority sphere of culture and art. The Gallery as an institution strives to raise the awareness of civil society through initiatives in the field of visual arts. It is a place for presenting achievements of different cultures and religions.

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Maria Todorova
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Elena Velikova