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Sofia 1111, Geo Milev, ul. Vinitsa 6, bl.204, 12 fl., 45ap.

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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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  1. Arts
General Information
“Art Affairs & Documents” is a cultural organization founded in December 2008 and based in Sofia, Bulgaria, successfully emerging as an independent art structure. The organization has obtained funding from the Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Sofia and Program "Debuts". The organization develop three main projects: Carry out the local art scene, the new emerging artist and to bring up critical opinion of the public. Since the end of 2010 the organization is working to set permanent residency program. Since 2009 the organization maintain of internet based magazine for critic and culture. For that reasons the activities of organization are mainly in managing and organization of cultural events, exhibitions and international artists exchange.
Mission and Objectives

Our goals are to extend the influence of contemporary art in our country, to present Bulgarian artists and culture in international context and to encourage international collaboration for cultural exchange.

Main Projects / Activities

The organization is the main figure in organizing the following projects; "The temptation of chalga" -2009 City art Gallery, Indefinite Destinations Depo, Istanbul 2010, "Persona" project Ica Gallery Sofia 2010.
Blister magazine, portal for critic and Culture:

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Vyara Mlechevska
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Vessela Nozharova