ARCADIA - Romanian Association for International Cooperation and Development

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Susita Street, no 8/10

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. Human rights
  4. International/Cultural relations
  5. Research
  6. Youth and education
General Information
ARCADIA is an independent non-profit organization focused on international cooperation and development. It offers a neutral space for interaction and analysis of international development related issues at the same time emphasizing Romania’s engagement with its international partners and debating on it’s potential role as an international donor. ARCADIA counts more than 100 members: academics, practitioners, researchers, students, policy-makers, representatives of NGOs and business field working in Romania or abroad. Our members are engaged in projects/activities with UN (agencies), European Commission and European Parliament, World Bank, World Vision International, TRIALOG, FOND, Universities and Governmental institutions. They are former students of University of Chicago, London School of Economics, Tufts University, Brunel University, CEU, Harvard, University of Colombia, Edinburgh University, ASE, Universidad de la Coruña, West University of Timisoara, University of Bucharest, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cape Town University, and Vanderbilt University. Main partners: Romanian universities running a Master in International Development and Cooperation, UNDP Romania, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Association of Development Institutes, European Commission DG Development, Romanian Representation at the EU, PATRIR
Mission and Objectives

ARCADIA is a membership based organization with focusing on building a community of Romanian development professionals. Our mission is to bring a genuine contribution to the evolution of Romanian professionals and along with other actors, promote the field of international development at the national and international level facilitating the transfer of knowledge between leading experts and young graduates in the field.

Main Projects / Activities

ARCADIA has developed and implemented several projects and initiatives aiming to strengthen the network of Romanian experts who are active in the international development field, enhancing the knowledge and expertise transfer between members contributing to their development as experts in the field.
2009 Brussels Round table debate: Opportunities and challenges for Romania’s engagement in international development – with focus on Africa and launching of the online platform
2010 First Conference: Development, Trade and Foreign &Security policies: How can emerging donors make a difference? This conference aimed to bring together the main actors active in the field of development in Romania in order to explore the ways in which Romania can build its donor identity by making the most of the lessons learnt during the transition period.
2011 Issuing the monthly professional newsletters (with information on jobs, conferences, fellowships, etc), promoting ARCADIA within the Romanian NGO environment.
2012 Launching the online
review: The Romanian International Development Review.
2013 Annual Conference: New EU member states as new donors: capacity, discourses and practices - The conference aimed to open a debate concerning the achievements and challenges encountered the new EU Member States in their quest for becoming established donors./ A.I.D Review Romania Conference – discussions on current trends in ODA

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

ARCADIA can contribute to the promotion of this network among its members and students interested in the field of international cooperation and development who would be very interested in participating in projects developed by the network. Moreover, ARCADIA as a body of experts aims to encourage the knowledge-transfer of lessons learnt by Romania during the transition period towards other countries that are witnessing political and social transformations.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

ARCADIA aims to build o community of Romanian professionals working in development, thus we would like to open up the possibility for our members to get involved in international projects, especially in the Mediterranean area. We do not want to build a close community but rather to stimulate its openness to the world around it and to encourage trans-national collaboration.

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Diana Rusu
Head of the organisation
Stefan Cibian
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Madalina Pruna