Arbeitsgruppe Zukunft Energie und Umwelt - ARENUM e.V.

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Environment/Sustainable development
General Information
ARENUM e.V. - Working Group on Future Energy and Environment was 2011 established as non-profit association under German law. It is organised by its status. The structure implies the general assembly open for all members, the board elected by the GA, two independent revisors and the scientific advisory Committee, which provides support and guidance in substantial decisions and quality assurance and approval. ARENUM e.V. started in 2011 and is developing effective its activities, network and projects in environmental and energy issues, sustainable development in technical and societal dimension. Research and education project proposals are applied in the Brandenburg Structural Development Fund (EU-ILE), the region (energy award OSL-2012) and on German level (FONA-programme, BMBF). ARENUM has about 30 members from 6 European countries, projects and activities are developed together with partners from different sectors and countries like Universities, schools, children gardens, R&D-partners, companies, public administration and other NGO.
Mission and Objectives

ARENUM mission is the support of technical and socio-economic transformation of society to fulfill future requirements in sustainable energy systems and management of natural ressources. This transformation is demanding and touches the entire society, it can not be solved by simple adaptation or substitution of technological systems.
ARENUM beliefes, that sustainable development is a global issue and requires engagement on different levels to build up and exchange best practice examples. Improvement of life conditions is possible only with peaceful and intensive cooperation between people and regions, development and application of innovative and eco-efficient technologies and share of resulting benefits.
ARENUM intends to improve also the general and specific frame conditions for eco-innovative technologies fitting into society and to enhance the level of awareness with target group specific activities in energy education programmes.

Main Projects / Activities

Projects are currently focused on:
- Municipal energy concepts including public and private stakeholders,
- Energy related education programmes for different target groups,
- Harmonisation of regional development objectives with European and global requirements (climate change, safety and security of supply, technology gaps, perception...),
- Research contrbutions to selected energy technologies also with specific relevance for developing countries,
- Support platform for integrative implementation of large wind power parks/participation of private, public and stakeholders.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Different network contributions are possible:
- Events and publications in regional (Brandenburg) and national (German) frame and media
- Links to specific activities (website, projectwebsites and database)
- Cross connection to existing and future projects and activities like the "Competence Pool Municiapl Energy", "focus group Model Energy Region Lusatia", climate change impact and climate change regional actions
- Energy days (within EU-ILE programme) for children and classes
- further activities

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

The ALF network offers the possibility to exchange experience and best practice with other institutions and set up consortia for cooperation activities and projects with relevant impact. It is intended also to participate at ALF project calls or to identify partners for participation in EU-FP7 or IEE.
ARENUM beliefes it may sufficiently contribute with its work and network to connect regional experiences and needs with an European and even international scope in environmental and energy issues.

Contact (1) Full Name
Martin Giersch
Head of the organisation
Martin Giersch
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Reiner Hoffmann