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General Information
I'm the organiser of the Arabic Culture Meetup in Dublin and have one assistant. In the past I had been involved in many charities in Yemen and intercultural events for example: "Home Away From Home", an informative organisation for foreign women/men married to Yemenis and living in Yemen through social activities. In Ireland I volunteered in several festivals and fundraising my own projects and also got donations, the rest is my own funds and efforts. Two recent projects are "Art from the Land of Queen Sheba" for which I set up a group called "The Yemen Connection", friends of my parents who worked for Concern in Yemen. Another event was "Arabesque Night", Presenting 2 Arabic bands, belly dancers and world music DJ. Both were a great success last September 2012 at the Ranelagh Arts Festival.
Mission and Objectives

A self sustaining organisation for Arab, non-Arab, Irish and international people of all ages to promote Arabic culture and diversity in Irish society.
My objective is to create a hub that offers a place for intercultural exchange between the Irish, Arab and the international community as a whole.

Main Projects / Activities

Main activities are in the arts and culture, to give information and reinforce good relations through social events. For example: art exhibitions, dinners, talks and tours at The Chester Beatty Library, lectures in Trinity College, Arabic music events, social Arabic language meetups for those who are learning or need to practice. I show Middle-eastern, Arabic and Asian films.
Through the Arabic Culture Meetup 52 events have been scheduled so far since September 2012 when I became the organiser. Today there are 108 members of mixed nationality including Egyptian, Iraqi, Syrian, Moroccan, Jordanian, Palestinian, Yemeni, Iranian, Turkish, French, British, Spanish, Hungarian and of course a lot are Irish. I have made sure to have at least one meetup a week, and sometimes there could be 3 hence I invited 2 members to assist. I hope to eventually have an Arabic cultural hub in Dublin, a place where people can meet or get information.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

I have many dependable contacts in Yemen, and some in Egypt whom I would be able to ask for help and whom are in positions to open more networks and get information from. Last September, the Froebel College of Education opened opportunity for the artists from Yemen to an exchange of dialogue with the students on diversity and the woman's place in Yemeni society. There were a couple of art workshops and a food forum introducing some Yemeni dishes and discussion about traditions. The outcome was incredible, the students, teachers and college were very impressed and praised the artists and The Yemen Connection. I endevour to continue with such projects which will enlighten everyone on each others' cultures and bring about good relations between the East and West.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

I am excited to have learned about the ALF projects and initiatives encouraging dialogue and integration in Europe and the Mediterranean and believe it is the network I've been looking for to help me develop my ideas into reality by way of contacts and some funding when necessary.
All my projects focused on show casing Arabian arts and culture to the Irish and international audiences living in Ireland in the hope that people will change their perception of the Arabs.
Although I have had some assistance, it has been difficult trying to create and organise such events by my self and I hope by joining the ALF I'll be able to continue achieving goals.

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Rafika Rajab
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Rafika Rajab