A.MUS.E - Austrian Music Encounter

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Graz, 8010

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+43 664 2549593
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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Heritage
  3. International/Cultural relations
  4. Youth and education
General Information
„A.MUS.E – Austrian Music Encounter“ is a registered non-profit association according to Austrian law (1 chairman & 1 locum, 1 recording clerk & locum, 1 treasurer & locum – all on volunteer basis). Staff is only employed on contract for projects as a project management team (2008: 6 contract workers, 5 volunteers). The project budget for the last project year 2007/2008 was € 150.000. Main funding sources are public subsidies (public authorities in Austria, representative offices and embassies of different European countries, EC) – more third-party funds are intended. Modalities of action: Concrete projects (main project: “Sounding Jerusalem”), including arts education workshops for the youth and international students/artists exchange projects. Partners: local (Israel/Pal. Territorries) representative offices of European countries, different local institutions for arts and education
Mission and Objectives

· To use and promote music as a possibility to create open meeting places for human encounter, for a vivid international cultural exchange and for fostering the intercultural dialogue
· To plan and implement high quality music projects for and with young people
· To give access to children, youth and adults living in conflict zones and/or an economically weak environment to having a share in the dynamic process of international dialogue and exchange of culture

Main Projects / Activities

"Sounding Jerusalem" Festival
Old City - Eastjerusalem - Westjerusalem - Westbank/Gaza
The chamber music festival was founded in 2006 with the aim of fostering a cultural trilogue and human encounter between European, Israeli and Palestinian artists and audience to a maximum according to the current social and political possibilities.
The festival’s goal is to encourage ALL communities living in and around Jerusalem to have a share in and contribute to the international cultural discourse, irrespective of their social, religious or ethnic backgrounds.
With 25 concerts, 50 top level classical musicians from Europe and the Middle East as well as a rich educational programme for the youth all over the region of Jerusalem – from the Old City, West and East Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Abu Gosh, Jericho, En Karem to Nablus and many other places - the ultimate aim is to go beyond human borders, opening space for a vivant process of intercultural differentiation.

Contact (1) Full Name
Christina Beck
Head of the organisation
Erich Oskar Huetter
Contact (2) Full Name
Petra Klose