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General Information
Amal ry is a social sector organization, whose purpose is to support and promote girls’ and womens wellbeing according to islamic values. Behind the organization are muslim women from different professions, from whose shared dream the organization was founded. The organization was founded based on the need of activities and services, in which religion and spirituality are considered a part of a person’s overall wellbeing. Amal ry makes use of the empowering effect of religion to increase and strengthen the involvement of girls and women in their own communities and in the society at large. The organization’s aim is to help girls and women to find suitable support services in different problem situations, to develop the support services offered to girls and women, and to influence the attitudes towards muslim women in the society.  
Mission and Objectives

Amal ry’s mission is to empower women and girls, to strengthen communality and sisterhood, and to be a trustworthy professional source in special issues related to muslim women. We want to give the feeling of safety and to create hope.

Main Projects / Activities

Our purpose is to better the prerequisites of girls and women to act on different levels of the society. Importance of peer support is highlighted and strongly present in our work.
We support girls and women through guidance and counselling to find their own resources and to make their own decisions. We are not scholars of islam and we do not give religious rulings (fataawa).
Our organization offers guidance and counselling to muslim girls and women, and to others who specifically want support based on islamic values. The organisation holds for example weekly peer gatherings, during which is possible to seek one on one guidance and counselling. You can get service- and social advicing holistically considering your situation and your wishes and needs.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can give our expertize about sovialwok, womenspecialized work and islamic knowledge to the Finnish network. We want to advocate muslim women and girls rights in Finnish society and because we are the only muslimwomen organization in Finland, there would be a good opportunity to the network to use our expertize for the purpose of equal rights for women and girls. 

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Minna Taipale
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Head of the organisation
Minna Taipale
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Pia Aiyad
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organization assistant