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Rethinking regional development. Fueling circular business models. Accelerating impact startups. Attempting to solve world problems over dinner with friends and foes. We are almost there. Or are we just almost starting?

Founded in 1998 by Tom Løyche and Per Myrén, Almost there (formerly Changemaker) was born as a consultancy agency aimed to stir things up and facilitate change management. More than twenty-five years and hundreds of scribbled notebooks later, things have evolved. From Zero to One, we continue to seek situations where we can help people, organizations or societies take the first step from nothing to something. Learning is always at the center of the process; no one has all the answers, but we are smarter together.

We’ve established, run and sold the higher vocational educational schools Changemaker Educations and Futuregames. From this we bring with us the legacy of helping thousands of students enter and make a mark on the labour market. As well as helping companies grow with new ideas and talent. Several large European and EU-funded projects have been entered to make a sustainable impact on local societies. We continue to work with a strong focus on regional development in the North of Sweden and other remote locations around the world. We’ve also bought and reimagined a 17th century farm in Boden; now acting as a testbed for our circular methodology.

We are Almost There. We are consultants in regional development and change management. Project leaders and partners in collaborative global projects. And an Accelerator for impact startups; supporting people, organizations or societies with either big or small ambitions to make the world better.

Mission and Objectives

Everything we do revolves around change and development; be it for ideas, products, schools or businesses.

We help our clients to change themselves or aspects of their businesses successfully, by implementing our long knowledge of change methods, leadership and project leading, as well as a deeper understanding of the change process and its different phases.

Main Projects / Activities

We run and engage in national and international projects to drive sustainable change. From regional development and European learning projects to fast paced explorational journeys in the intersection of arts and technology, and the crafting of hand-made board games. Take part of our learnings from ongoing and completed projects. Or reach out for a digital fika to explore new opportunities.

In the last few years, Almost There has been involved in several Erasmus+ projects dealing with the circular economy and more in general with environmental sustainability.

In the SCRCE project, in particular, the partnership developed “The Circular Economy Manual” which aims to help the reader see how he can change his consumer behaviour with small, simple steps in order to make it more eco-responsible and in accordance with circular economy principles.

In the Circular Skills project, we developed different training programmes in “Circular economy for SME”, “Circular Economy for unemployed” and “Circular economy for the social cooperative sector”.

Almost There is the owner of Peetgården, a 400-year-old building, which is used for conferences and meetings and which Changemaker aspires to transform into a centre for sustainable development in Northern Sweden.

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Francesca Olivier
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EU-project leader
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Tom Løyche (CEO)
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Anne Franze-Jordanov
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EU Projects Coordinator