National Network

1504 Sofia, Bulgaria
167A “Evlogi Georgiev” Blvd.


+359 2 944 63 89
+359 2 944 63 89
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
General Information
The association has established branches in five cities in Bulgaria – Lovech, Blagoevgrad, Vidin, Haskovo and Silistra. Its main office is situated in the Bulgarian capital – Sofia. It also manages a vocational centre, which is licensed to organize trainings for 56 different jobs in accordance with the National Secondary Education Standards. Last but not least, the Association has been granted a license from the National Agency for Social Assistance to be eligible to provide four types of social services. For the last couple of years the NGO has a turnover of over 200 000 euro per year and employs permanently 5 people.
Mission and Objectives

The mission of ARCI is to support the development of the civil society in Bulgaria by fostering the involvement of people of all social groups in public affairs and the governance of the country in order to enhance the social and economic situation and the quality of life of the Bulgarian citizens

Main Projects / Activities

Main activities in Bulgaria
 Supports the development and implementation of initiatives for economic, social and cultural development of regions in Bulgaria;
 Organization of joint initiatives with bodies of state and local government;
 Works on programs to improve the legislation in Bulgaria;
 Strengthens the public-private partnership in Bulgaria;
 Encourages civil initiatives in the field of environmental protection and improvement of living conditions;
 Assists minority groups, people with disabilities and vulnerable social groups;
 Organizes and conducts trainings and seminars to increase professional qualification of the labor force in the Center for Vocational Training to ARGI;
 Initiates and participates in establishing partner networks with national and international organizations and NGOs;
 Develops and implements programs and projects for application to the national operational programmes
 Encourages and organizes activities for the preservation and introduction of traditional Bulgarian communities events, cultural activities, traditions, crafts and customs, combined with voluntary initiatives to improve the environment or solving local problems.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We intend to contribute to ALF Network in Bulgaria by: firstly, promoting its objectives and initiatives, and secondly, by implementing project activities in fields which are essential for peaceful co-existence among nattions: Intercultural training for youth and adults, Human Rights and Co-existence; Regional development.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

During the last years our NGO has been targeted at working internationally and establishing partnerships with other civil society organizations in EU and non-EU countries, like Romania, Hungary, Macedonia, Turkey and Serbia. Thus by joining the ALF Network we intend to build up cooperation with partners from the MED countries and jointly work on intercultural trainings and competence exchange in order to share common values and live together peacefully.

Contact (1) Full Name
Tsvetelina Neshkova
Head of the organisation
Tsvetelina Neshkova
Contact (2) Full Name
Diana Bebebnova-Nikolova