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40, bd Pierre Dupong

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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. Gender
  4. Human rights
  5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  6. International/Cultural relations
  7. Media
  8. Research
  9. Youth and education
General Information
 Alliance for Global Development AGD are being manage by a group of energetic, well-structured and dedicated mid aged Members whom always seek various and developmental projects on a global scale in several different youth fields and target markets. AGD blends all arts and sciences to support the development of all its programs enhancing awareness through allocating the essential and necessary resources required for every designed program by and for the entrepreneurship sector. The team and Management at AGD sync together every minor detail mandatory to achieve a desired objective within a program set by any development entity seeking to add social behaviour value to a life by the prime concept of drilling to bridge. The idea is always creating a new generation with the concept of Global Citizen which will promote for the world peace, no hate speech, no  discrimination and no racism. We are part of networks of a huge organizations such as Mine vaganti in Italy, Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association and comparative research network in Germany and foreign students in Luxembourg. After all we are trying to coop with the idea of sustainability especially the SDGs of the united nations as well as the integration of refugees and youth participation as these are the main themes for us.
Mission and Objectives

AGD main objectives are focusing on the follwing aspects :
AGD is concentrating on the idea of the sustainable development goals which been released by the united nations to promote for what the world needs in order to survive and current issues for the world to focus on, plus the idea of sustainability in general to have a cycle of education and information with easy access to youth for the best benefits for all human beings.
Non Governmental Organizations NGO’s
AGD offers a wide attention to NGO’s whether locally or internationally based, assisting this wide list to network and appear firmly, process their documentation and proposals professionally, while supporting their channels of fund through allocation and resources effectively.
At AGD we are highly concerned about the human well-being in mind, thus education always comes as our number one priority when we get to engage to shape one’s own academic future, we focus on non formal education in topics related to the day to day needs, also the Adult Education and Vocational Education Traininsg are both a big focus of our main objectives and mission.

Main Projects / Activities

For the time being AGD is responsible of implementing two big European Projects :
1-Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth (Entrepreneurship To Empower ENTEM)
"Entrepreneurship to Empower" (ENTEM) addresses the identification of existing best practices and the development of support schemes for the transmission of attitudes, skills and competences of Social Entrepreneurship to disadvantaged young people (NEETs) in partner countries and at the European level.
The project objectives will be achieved by exchange of ideas, practices and knowledge between the partners and joint work in the elaboration of 3 educational modules as following:
1. Personal Empowerment –an educational module which will seek to accompany youngsters on a self-development path and will cover the following subjects - What is a personal empowerment, developing a personal vision, setting personal goals, planning personal development, job employability, entrepreneurial employability
2. Community surrounding – an educational module which will seek to make youngsters aware about their wider surroundings, foster connections and increase awareness on how they can relate to their communities through social initiatives.
3. Social enterprise– an educational module which seeks to develop youngster’s knowledge and skills in the development social innovation activities within their communities.
2-Training of Trainers under Erasmus Youth Mobilities:
AIM of this project is to support capacity building of partner organizations through professional development of youth workers, youth leaders and trainers in the field of dialogue facilitation with multicultural groups.
In addition AGD is preparing two major strategic partnerships in the field of Adult education and VET, which aims to dialogue among European Organizations regarding Citizenship issues, the second one is to empower migrant females in 6 European countries to create their own start up business related to sustainable food industries.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

AGD with its European Network can contribute a lot in the education sector, exchange best practise among the ALF member organizations will be a great asset and we are confident to be able to contribute to the ALF general mission and objectives

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We would like to join ALF Network because it will enable our organization to be part of international community and thus have the chance to exchange experiences with other members and get to work on bridging the gap between Europe and the Euromed area which ALF Network is quite active, in addition we would like to expand our Network for further development cooperation projects that it will enable us to sustain our educational mission.

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Mrs. Hend Hussein
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President of Board
Head of the organisation
Hend Hussein
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Mrs. Yasmin Tammana
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Marketing and communication Manager