Alissar 'Association pour un Liban Social et Solidaire Acteur de sa Reconstruction'

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45 Rue des Tourneurs
31000 Toulouse

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Environment/Sustainable development
General Information

Alissar is a non-political and non-profit association, founded in 2020 in Toulouse. The organization is dedicated to the following missions:

Alissar's mission is to support the Lebanese population during this particularly challenging period, aiming to preserve what unites them and collectively build a common destiny. The focus is on contributing to the enhancement of social cohesion through the development of projects that highlight local resources, expertise, responsible purchasing, water and sanitation, as well as environmental initiatives.

We invest in Lebanon and its communities, irrespective of their origins, religions, or political affiliations. Our efforts are directed towards supporting economic opportunities that bring social benefits while safeguarding the environment. Our approach aligns with the principles of social and solidarity economy, emphasizing job creation, equitable distribution of dividends, ecological practices, and supporting local economies. We are committed to values of integration and participation.

Mission and Objectives

In response to this multidimensional crisis, Alissar has undertaken the mission of promoting and disseminating the values of social and solidarity economy to:

Combat poverty and social exclusion

Enhance the capabilities of the most vulnerable populations, particularly the youth and women

Improve the economic situation of the country through the development of micro-enterprises with a positive social and environmental impact

Main Projects / Activities

In response to calls for projects addressing the aforementioned themes, Alissar France actively engages in:

Collaboration with Lebanese NGOs for the identification and selection of projects.
Conducting thorough assessments of training and material requirements.
Pre-selecting companies that stand to benefit from Alissar's support.
Evaluating the relevance and ethical considerations of projects, followed by the selection of beneficiaries.

This comprehensive process includes:
Providing free technical expertise through Alissar and its local partners.
Extending financial support for the purchase of raw materials and equipment.
Furthermore, Alissar France is committed to conducting fundraising activities to support the selected projects, contributing to the organization's overarching mission of promoting social and solidarity economy values in Lebanon.

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Dana Achi
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Project Director
Head of the organisation
Mustapha El Riz
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Mustapha El Riz
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