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Bedesten Sokak No:8 Köprübaşı Antakya
31060 Hatay/

Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Others
  2. Youth and education
General Information
Heritage of Ali İsmail Korkmaz ALIKEV is founded by Ali Ismail Korkmaz's family; who was a 19 year old boy when he was killed in a peaceful protest. Founders of ALIKEV, the family of Ali İsmail, declares that ALIKEV should remember Ali İsmail by the way he lived, not by the way he died. Ali İsmail founded a movement when he was 17 and called that movement "youth for society". This movement is seen a heritage by the family; and ALIKEV is built on that basis.
Mission and Objectives

ALIKEV, aims to honour Ali İsmail Korkmaz's memory and make real his "youth for society" dream. To achieve this aim, ALIKEV supports and empowers youth regardless of their gender, race or language, to be both prejudice and conflict free and more equalitarian by participating in projects which aims social benefits.
ALIKEV carries out its activities directly by youth participation towards a world which is socially peaceful and equal, free of all kind of unequal relations, including human-nature relations.

Main Projects / Activities

1. Dream Ambassadors (DA), aims to educate youth (aged 15-25) to build their own projects and then implement and volunteer in those projects. Every DA candidate should take 3 basic courses to be a DA and propose project. Any group with at least 4 people (2 of them must be DA) may propose a project. Every project proposal is mentored by ALIKEV staff for development and every accepted project is funded by ALIKEV. Projects are not limited in any field but must have social beneficial outputs. Projects about vulnerable groups are most encouraged.
2. Scholarship Fund is for high school and university students. Currently 55 students are funded.
3. Enrich Hatay aims to support the city atmosphere socially and culturally. Educational courses, social integration projects are developed in this programme.
4. Remembrance of Ali İsmail Korkmaz programme is just to honour Ali İsmail's memory and remembrance  nights are prepared on his birth and death days.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

ALİKEV as an NGO working with and for youth, working a world in which youth to be both prejudice and conflict free. To achieve our organisation's main mission, we believe in cooperation for peace in local, national, regional and international level. We may learn from and feedback on ongoing activies as well as sharing our own experiences. Learning means improvement of our own activies in the means of network's aim as well as collaborating with network members.  ALİKEV has a powerful social impact and we believe that may contribute the newwork as well.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

"The main scope of the ALF is overcoming the misunderstandings and stereotypes which affect relations between and within the societies of the Region, a task which became of utmost importance in the last decade. As a contribution to the creation of a space of prosperity, coexistence and peace, the ALF works to restore trust in dialogue and bridge the gaps in mutual perceptions, as well as promoting diversity and coexistence." 
We believe that a network with this approach will provide us new horizons: information, experience and new partners.

Contact (1) Full Name
Ersin Tek
Job Title
General Coordinator
Head of the organisation
Emel Korkmaz