ALEV Primary School: Foundation of the Graduates of Austrian High School

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Kadirova Cad Omerli-Umraniye Istanbul Ayvalı Ciftligi Mevkii, Omerli Beldesi Umraniye

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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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  1. Youth and education
General Information
The Private ALEV Schools were established by the graduates of St. Georgs Kolleg, Istanbul in 1998 by the Austrian High School Foundation (ALV). It is giving a multicultural and multilingual education. ALV grants yearly scholarships close to US$ 500.000-to students. There is a board of directors of the financial enterprise and there are 109 Turkish -14 foreign teachers,3 advisors, 19 social activities staff and 29 staff. The annual tuition of one student is euro 10.000/ school year. Our school has involved in the student exchanging programs and comenius projects supported by European Union. Main partners were the European countries and Brazil.
Mission and Objectives

• Mission:
ALEV Private Schools are Turkish school with a global perspective. Our multi-cultural education (There is a strong emphasis on the learning, understanding and use of foreign languages), innovative methodology, and bilingual program engage all students in developing their intellectual and human qualities so that they will become confident, ethical leaders and responsible citizens of Turkey and of the world community.
• Objective:
The goal of ALEV School is to be reputable nationally and internationally offering an educational program of the highest academic and ethical standards.
The goal of Alev private Schools is to be respected nationally and internationally, offering an educational program of the highest academic and ethical standards.

Main Projects / Activities

Summer school in Austria, exchange programme with Austrian or German students, AFS and Rotary Club, International Orienteering Competition, Comenius Project.

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Mrs. Nesrin Kacan
Head of the organisation
Mr. Selman Behmuaras