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St. Currila, No.1, Durrës, 2001
New University Campus, St. Miqësia, Spitallë, Durrës, 2009

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General Information

University "Aleksandër Moisiu" Durrës (or UAMD) stands as a tribute to the country's dedication to advancing higher education and broadening intellectual frontiers. Founded in 2005, the university reflects the institution's commitment to fostering creativity and innovation. Since its inception, UAMD has rapidly expanded, evolving into a modern institution that offers a diverse range of programs and courses, characterized by its innovative approach to higher education and its commitment to academic excellence.

As a relatively young university, UAMD has quickly distinguished itself through its diverse range of programs and disciplines, offering bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees across faculties such as Business, Information Technology, Education Sciences, Political and Law Sciences, and Professional Studies. UAMD counts nearly 20,000 students in all three study cycles for a total of 97 study programs. UAMD has distinguished itself by adopting a multidisciplinary and practice-oriented education approach, aligning academic theory with real-world application. This educational philosophy is aimed at equipping students with the skills necessary to thrive in their chosen professions and adapt to a dynamic global job market. As the largest higher education institution in the region, UAMD serves as an academic hub attracting students from all over Albania and beyond, providing an inclusive and stimulating environment for learning and research. The university's campus boasts modern facilities, including well-equipped laboratories, a library with extensive resources, and a range of student services designed to support academic and personal development. A research-driven environment nurtures critical thinking and innovation among students. UAMD is widely recognized for the quality of teaching (about 518 teachers) and the effectiveness of scientific research.

UAMD is actively involved in international collaboration, engaging in various projects and partnerships with European universities, which enhances the academic experience through exchange programs and joint research initiatives. This international outlook is designed to provide students and staff with cross-border academic exchange opportunities and research collaborations, enhancing the university's profile on the global stage. The University promotes short-term exchanges for academic staff and students with foreign institutions of higher education as a partner country within the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. UAMD is a major partner in three of the CBHE projects. UAMD has 190 cooperation agreements, of which 117 are signed with foreign HEIs.

University of "Aleksandër Moisiu" Durrës remains committed to its role as an educational leader in Albania, dedicated to nurturing the intellectual and professional growth of its students while contributing to the socio-economic development of the region. With its strategic initiatives and inclusive educational approach, UAMD is poised to continue shaping the minds of future generations and uphold its vision of being a gateway to international academic excellence.

Aleksandër Moisiu University’s recent award as a full partner in the European University Alliances “strategic Alliance for Regional Transition(STARS EU), represents significant progress in its internationalization and academic cooperation efforts. Participation as a full member of the STARS EU Alliance not only amplifies UAMD's stature among esteemed educational entities but also signifies a major leap forward in its mission to foster international collaboration and excellence in higher education. As a full partner in the alliance, UAMD is set to engage actively in the exchange of knowledge, research initiatives, and best practices with fellow esteemed institutions across Europe. The alliance is instrumental in creating a unified, innovative educational framework that transcends national borders, facilitating a seamless collaboration landscape for students and faculty alike. Through this alliance, UAMD is poised to offer its students enriched, diversified educational pathways and research opportunities that are in lockstep with European standards of excellence. Furthermore, this development aligns with the university's strategic vision to craft an academic environment that is both internationally attuned and locally relevant, fostering a new echelon of graduates equipped to navigate and contribute to the dynamic global landscape.

UAMD's goal is to become a leading player in international class education and research, while providing a comprehensive, focused learning experience for students from around the world, while also supporting a collaborative, authentic, and grounded multidisciplinary research environment.

Mission and Objectives


The mission of University "Aleksandër Moisiu" Durrës (UAMD) is to nurture intellectual growth and professional development in our students, equipping them with the competencies and ethical grounding necessary to contribute effectively to society both within and beyond the borders of Albania. We strive to create an inclusive academic environment where diverse ideas and perspectives are valued and exchanged, thereby enriching the educational experience. UAMD places a strong emphasis on international cooperation and partnerships, which are pivotal in our pursuit of academic excellence. Through strategic partnerships, UAMD aims to continuously expand its impact and reach, creating an environment where every student and faculty member is empowered to excel and contribute meaningfully to society's advancement. By embedding European and global dimensions into our curriculum, we aim to prepare graduates who are not only industry-ready but also equipped to navigate and succeed in an increasingly interconnected world. Recognizing the transformative power of education, the university pledges to uphold the principles of academic freedom, inclusiveness, and collaboration, thus positioning itself as an example of progress, dialogue, and opportunity in the heart of the Balkans.

Main Projects / Activities

The UAMD is widely known for its teaching quality and the effectiveness of its scientific research, placing it among Albania’s most important scientific institutions, where students and academic staff are an active part of the community. The university has a recent yet fruitful history as an internationally focused academic institution. It has demonstrated that it can act quickly and flexibly to make the most of international opportunities. The UAMD’s recent success with projects—both as a partner and as a leader—demonstrate that the university is on the right path to gain, distribute, and transfer applied academic knowledge. By seeking mutual benefit for the university, the community, and stakeholders, the UAMD will achieve a pre-eminent position in the field of innovative research. Involving students and partners in these processes increases mutual recognition and appreciation as well as applies the knowledge gained to the development of a single career

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?


UAMD shares the same values ​​with other members of the Development Network at the Euro-Med level and wants to contribute to a sustainable future by providing support for cultural and educational exchanges and initiatives for youth engagement and activism. Capacity development in the field of scientific research; expanded partnerships at the Albanian level, but especially with other Euro-Mediterranean partners.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

For UAMD, being part of the ALF Network is important for several reasons including information, participation, and engagement on various initiatives, open calls, and organized activities within the network. Creation of new partnerships and communication bridges with NGOs and other institutions in all countries of the ALF network. Contributing ideas, suggestions, and feedback to make the network more dynamic and consolidated.

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Dorinela Cupi
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Director at Directorate of Projects and Foreign Relations
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Prof.Dr Kseanela Sotirofski
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Ina Lushka
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Director at Directorate of Administration and Academic Services