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ASET Albanian Socio Economic Think Tank, set up in 1999 as a Non-Profit Organization, is a think-tank that undertakes programmes, projects, and consultancy, publishing and training activities related to economic and social development. ASET represents an alternative to offer the proper expertise on the issues related to stimulation of the improvement of the whole economic and social mechanism, by extending the consciousness of the different levels of the society in this process.

Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to provide objective economic analysis and to promote constructive solutions to the challenges of transition, reform, integration and development in order to improve the socio-economic well-being of societies. Objectives The focus of ASET is addressing acute problems encountered in the course of development during transition, with a particular attention on economic progress and social welfare, namely: • Sustainable economic growth; • Advanced banking and financial sector; • Developed private sector, especially SME-s; • Improved legislative framework, from drafting to implementation; • Better-quality health and education services; • Social care and welfare; • Functional infrastructure; • Urban and rural development; • Protected environment; • Recognized country cultural and tourism attraction; • More efficient & transparent government practices; • Coordinated and shared authority from central to local government; • Increased participatory role of stakeholders in drafting, implementing, and monitoring public policies.

Main Projects / Activities

1. Project Title: Environmental Impact Assessment for Exploratory Drilling, Onshore Panaja Block, Albania INA-Naftaplin September 2000

2. Project Title: Designing and implementing a MADA baseline survey and collected data analysis accomplishment, Client Name: Mountain Areas Development Agency, 2001.

3. Project Title: Environmental Impact Assessment for Exploratory Drilling, Palokastra-1 Well, Block 4 Onshore Albania OMV-Albania April 2002

4. Project Title: labor markets salary survey design and implementation in Albania, Client Name: Albanian government (Department of Public Administration) and World Bank. 2002

5. Project Title: Economic policies for Tirana district development, Client Name: Ministry of Economy, 2002

6. Project Title: Holding a public debate on improving relations between public administration and the business community, Client Name: SOROS Foundation, 2002.

7. Project Title: principles of market economy projects, Client Name: US-Embassy, 2003.

8. Project Title: The statistical system and its principal indicators in Albania, Client Name: GTZ, 2003.

9. Project Title: sectorial studies – fuel retail and wholesale in Albania, Client Name: Southeast Europe Enterprise Development (SEED), 2003.

10. Project Title: Consumer panel survey, Client Name: COCA – COLA Italy & Alpine Division.2003.

11. Project Title: Financial survey elaboration on companies and budgetary institutions depending on the ministry of agriculture and food, Client Name: Ministry of Agriculture and Food, 2003.

12. Project Title: Environmental Impact Assessment for Exploratory Drilling, Kanina-1 Well, Block 5 Onshore Albania OMV-Albania January 2003

13. Project Title: Encouragement and sensibilization of business community participation in the anticorruption initiatives, Client Name: SOROS Foundation, 2004.

14. Project Title: An estimating survey on the level of receivables financing need of Albania, Client Name: Southeast Europe Enterprise Development – SEED, 2004.

15. Project Title: Albania: savings, credit and investments in north eastern mountainous areas, Client Name: International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), 2005.

16. Project Title: Competitive company advantages in Albanian industry: present situation and politics’ influence in their future development, Client Name: Global Development Network (GDN), 2005.

17. Project Title: Beneficiary assessment survey design and implementation, Client Name: International Development Association and Ministry of Finance, 2005.

18. Project Title: Enhancing relationships between NGO-s and Vlore municipality, Client Name: SOROS Foundation, 2005.

19. Project Title: Regional integration and metropolitan development in southeastern Europe (Thessalonica, Skopje, Sofia, Tirana), Client Name: European Commission INTERREG III B CADSES Program Project

20. Project Title: Marketing distribution ltd – illustrative company profile, Client Name: Marketing Distribution Ltd 2005

21. Project Title: Training sme-s on legal and fiscal aspects, Client Name: Financial Rural Fond, 2005.

22. Project Title: The transforming potential of e-government in Albania, Client Name: SOROS Foundation, 2005.

23. Project Title: sectorial studies – refrigeratory capacities in Albania, Client Name: Southeast Europe Enterprise Development (SEED), 2005.

24. Project Title: Harmonization of social and educational policies, Client Name: SOROS Foundation, 2006.

25. Project Title: Market study – furniture capacities in Albania, Client Name: EBRD Business Advisory Services (BAS) Programme for Albania, SERENA FURNITURE (Albanian Company, 2006.

26. Project Title: Regional report elaboration establishing a regional and national client profile for migrant service centre in Western Balkan countries, Client Name: IOM, Tirana, 2006.

27. Project Title: Brain drain in south–eastern Europe: Albanian case, Client Name: UNESCO-CEPES Romania, 2006.

28. Project Title: Survey on local fees and taxes business operating in Albania, Client Name: Southeast Europe Enterprise Development – SEED, 2006.

29. Project Title: Strengthening understanding of gender dimensions in the labour market–institutional diagnostic, Client Name: Development & Training Services, Inc. and USAID/Albania, 2007.

30. Project Title: accessing information concerning women and elections advocacy support, Client Name: UNIFEM, 2008.

31. Project Title: improving public expenditure effectiveness in the healthcare sector (Case of Albania), Client Name: The Brookings Institution, 2007.

32. Project Title: recycling linkages – technical assistance to government, Client Name: IFC – International Finance Corporation PEP-Southeast Europe, 2007.

33. Project Title: action plan for albpaper company, Client Name: EBRD Business Advisory Services (BAS) Programme for Albania, AlbPaper Company, 2008.

34. Project Title: skills survey to identifying emerging occupations in Kukes and Shkoder regions, Client Name: IOM, Tirana, 2008.

35. Project Title: public perception regarding women participation in elections in Albania, Client Name: UNIFEM, 2009.

36. Project Title: Business Needs Survey in Kukes, Client Name: USAID Local Governnance Programme in Albania; July - September 2008

37. Project Title: Albania – growth and poverty reduction strategy (GPRS), Client Name: Government of Albania, 2009

38. Project Title: Annual 2009 working plan, approved by MOLSAEO and UNICEF, Client Name: UNICEF, 2009.

39. Project Title: Business Needs Survey in Fieri, Client Name: USAID Local Governnance Programme in Albania; July - September 2009

40. Project Title: beneficiary assessment on the mid-term review of project ii (CWP 2) (MTR), community works, Client Name: World Bank via ADF – Albanian Development Fund 2009

41. Project Title: Business migration and socio –economic impact, Client Name: Friedrich Ebert Foundation Tirana, 2009

42. Project Title: Butrinti human activity survey report (Butrinti national park management plan, Client Name: WB, 2009.

43. Project Title: Good governance: transport and infrastructure public policy monitoring, Client Name: SOROS Foundation, 2009.

44. Project Title: DHP social impact assessment, Client Name: Devolli Hydro Power 2009-2010

45. Project Title: Competitive company advantages in Albanian industry: present situation and politics’ influence in their future, in collaboration with American University USA. Client Name: University of Delaware, USA, 2010.

46. Project Title: Off-Grid generation Survey – Clean development mechanism CDM, Project supported by Energy Ashta and DHP, Tirana 2010-2011

47. Project Title: Consultancy service (QBS) LOT 6, Client Name: Mountain Areas Development Agency,

48. Project Title: CDM project. Client name: VEVE Group 2011.

49. Project Title: promise: municipal property management in south-eastern cities, Client Name: Community Initiative: South East Europe: Transnational Cooperation Programme, 2011-2012.

50. Project Title: Sopoti – business plan, Client Name: VEVE Group

51. Project Title: Business community stimulation and awareness creation on fiscal education, a benefit to all the community, Client Name: World Bank, Tirana Country Office,

52. Project Title: Towards an open and accessible government at the local level in Fushe Kruja town, Client Name: Local Governance Program in Albania – LGPA (USAID), 2009.

53. Project Title: Book translation “lessons and improvement recommendations: cee public administration and public policy”, Client Name: NISPAcee Slovakia, 2008-2009.

54. Project Title: Book translation “public management reforms in Central and Eastern Europe”, Client Name: NISPAcee Slovakia, 2009.

55. Project Title: Book translation “transitional countries, fiscal decentralization and grant transfers: a critical perspective”, Client Name: NISPAcee Slovakia, 2009-2010.

56. Project Title: Volunteerism – an element of social partnership, Client Name: SOROS Foundation.2007.

57. Project Title: “responsible youth entrepreneurship: creating a culture of anti-corruption in private sector”, Client name: YES Foundation, Macedonia.2010.

58. Project Title: To emphasize the problems regarding professional education in Albania, to draw the conclusions and relevant recommendations about this category of education. Client name: SOROS Foundation.2011-2012.

59. Project title: The effort to encourage and promote the export businesses in the area of medicinal and aromatic plants in Albania. Client name: ABC Foundation.2011-2012.

60. Project title: Supporting artisan women to engage in private enterprise as a sustainable activity. Client name: SOROS Foundation.2012.

61. Project title: To verify and assess the social inclusion regarding the state objectives of national strategy. Client name: UNICEF. 2012.

62. Project title: To develop the inclusive instruments and methods for an efficient management of municipal real estate. Client name: PROMISE Project, University of Thessaloniki, and Greece.2011-2012.

63. Project Title: Towards an inclusive society through the integration of vulnerable groups in the governance of municipality unit no.4 in Tirana. Client name: SOROS Foundation. 2011-2012

64. Project Title: Regional Development Plan for Gramsh District, 2012, Client name: Devolli hydropower SA. 2013

65. Project Title: PROMISE: Municipal PROperty Management In South-Eastern Cities South East Europe Local partner Client name: Tempus project

66. Project Title: The Karavasta Lagoon: a lot of potential for tourism but still sleeping, Client name:ABC foundation 2013

67. Project Title: Education: a strong weapon for the future of the Roma community. Client name: AMSHC, 2014

68. Project Title: Surveys for businesses in Albania Client name: Eurocost international S.A., Luxembourg, 2014

69. Project Title: Roma in health care: Equal or otherwise? Client name: Soros foundation, 2014-2015

70. Project Title: Social welfare for children in Albania public expenditure review, Copartner Client name: UNICEF, 2015

71. Project Title: Open Budget Survey 2015: Client name: International Budget partnership, USA 2015

72. Project Title: Study on higher education provision and labour market opportunities in the western Balkan” local coordinator, Client name: LSE London UK, 2015

73. Project Title: The Open Budget Survey 2015 Team leader, Financed by International Budget Partnership, USA January – November 2015

74. Project Title: SELDI 2015-2016: Survey on corruption pressure and involvement, and their perceptions of the level of corruption and anticorruption efforts. Client name: CIPE, USA

75. Project Title: Consultant of the "Portal of municipal financial data - open governance and total government" December 2016, January 2017 Client name: COPLAN in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance

76. Project Title: “Perception survey on investment climate in Albania”, April 2017 Client name: OSCE project

77. Project Title: “The national context of the 16 SG goal targets “, February – June 2017 Client name: REC Tirana office project PC 33369-1277

78. “Labour market and the needs in Tirana district “, May July 2017 Client name: SOS Fshatrat e femijve, Tirana

79. Project Title: The Open Budget Survey 2017 Team leader, Financed by International Budget Partnership, USA November 2017- April 2018

80. Project Title: Consultant for Management structure of National Park Divjaka Karavasta, REC, Hungary, May –September 2018

81. Project Title: SELDI 2017-2018: Survey on corruption pressure and involvement, and their perceptions of the level of corruption and anticorruption efforts. Client name: CIPE, USA September 2018-May 2019

82. Project Title: Challenges and Promotion of circular economy as a modern and future economy Client name: and Co-PLAN May- November 2019

83. Project Title: Promotion of caves tourism in Tropoja Municipality Client name: ReLOaD June 2019- January 2020

84. Project Title: Promotion of caves tourism in Vlora Municipality Client name: Agency for the Support of Civil Society AMSHC July 2019- March 2020

85. Project Title: ALBA-2019-015 - Development of budget briefs for Health, Education and Social Protection programmes Client name: UNICEF October 2019 - March 2020

86. Project Title: Youth Labour Market Study Client name: RisiAlbania October 2019- January 2020

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