Alawite Islamic Charity Association

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AlShamal Street

Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. Gender
  4. Human rights
  5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  6. Media
  7. Religion
  8. Research
  9. Youth and education
General Information

The Alawite Islamic Charity Association (AICA), a non-profit non-governmental organization located in Jabal Mohsen – Tripoli and Akkar, registered under the decree No. 4500/1950, AICA works towards creating a sustained change in the lives of children, families, and their communities, to overcome financial burdens as well as impartiality saying so, AICA runs programs rather than time bounded projects. Its projects and activities aim to mitigate all forms of discrimination towards civil Rights access (medical, health, education, work opportunities, or any other additional required support), raise individual and collective awareness, mainstream protection and disseminate risks prevention. The intervention strategy consists of holistic and sustainable community development, Advocacy and Peace Building, education and training, primary health care and medical services, religious services. MAIN GOAL AICA intends to encourage community development, by a humanitarian emergency response action, development and benevolence, through access to Rights, Advocacy and Peace-building programs. AICA ensures actions via programs or/and services such as Alawite religious institutions; health care services; social awareness; religious, cultural, and educational services; protection; awareness, community campaign, legal process; economic empowerment; Psycho-social Support, Sport, art as well as different community initiatives.

Mission and Objectives

AICA develops an integrated global participatory approach, targeting vulnerable communities, based on Rights and Needs through community development, Advocacy and Peace-building programs as well as Humanitarian Response Action.

Main Projects / Activities

METHODOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES AICA ensures needs related to basic rights without any discrimination via access to services and Advocacy, with a horizontal axe of action based on RELIEF AND EMERGENGY RESPONSE ACTION. AICA acts through community participation, builds bridges through culture and dialogue, as well as encourages partnership and community initiatives through Development and Peace Building, within transforming challenges to opportunities, and conflicts to Peace… COMPONENTS OF ACTION Bootcamp, Awareness, TOT, Networking, PSS, Strategic partnership, religious education, community led, Volunteerism education, AICA’s programs and activities aim to mitigate all forms of discrimination towards civil rights access: AICA currently runs long term programs aggregated below: ▪ Health Sector: Alzahraa Medical Center (AMC) a Primary Health Care Center (PHCC) established since 2008, providing an average of 7000 services /month for patients from different areas equally (neither based on racism, nationality, religion, gender, or age) within the North governorate. AMC doctors, health care staff, and workers are onboarded in safe, effective premises providing proper performance and quality services. ▪ Food Security Sector: House of Wisdom Community Center (HOWCK) has been operating as a community kitchen since 2015. The kitchen can sell up to 800 Oriental and 500 Occidental hot meals per day. HOWCK incubates "House of Subsistence (HOS)” a peacebuilding income generating initiative aiming to engage civil clash widowed females from Bab Al Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen. These females support HOWCK daily work. ▪ Social Stability Sector: established in 2015, Social Multi-Services Community Center (MSCC) located between Bab Al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen providing peacebuilding, health, education, basic assistance, and protection services/support. It is a safe space facilitating and moderating social exchange promoting healthy relations and exchanges among several groups and social categories from local communities, without any discrimination providing all kinds of activities whether awareness sessions, general culture, vocational rehabilitation and/or psychosocial support which are conducted by AICA employees and/or I/NGOs collaboration. ▪ Livelihood Sector (VT/TVET): Livelihood and socioeconomic empowerment (with special focus on women and community led projects) through AICA’s Netizen’s Digital Lab - A center equipped with 20 high-end laptops serving as a lab for soft and digital skills trainings; Established 2021 and collaborating with ICDL ( providing internationally certificates for 35 digital modules. It is a one stop-service of Technology and Analytics; offering world-transforming services enabling new opportunities for vulnerable marginalized youth. ▪ Protection Sector: a protection team from social workers and PSS facilitators providing PSS/CBPSS/Recreational PSS through Support groups’ discussions /Sport/ Arts/ Skills/ Workshops as well as a community case management to transform conflicts into Peace. AICA also onboards legal mediators (funded by AICA) to support in a few cases and refer others to active actors as per the referral pathways. ▪ Education Sector: Formal Education through Al Doha Scientific School (ADSS) located in Fnaideq, Akkar since 2014 with the potential of having 750 students per shift. 2023 MEHE permission in Non-Formal Education (NFE) in the following modules: CB-ECE, BLN, YBLN, Retention Support, Recreation, Awareness raising and outreach, Parental Engagement, Cash for Education and School Feeding. ▪ Emergency Response Sector: established in 2016, First Responder Team (FRT) in partnership with the Lebanese Red Cross- Disaster& Risk Reduction Unit (DRR), acts as a risk response community initiative. The team is one of few to remain operating till the current date. ▪ Advocacy: an active member in all working groups and various local networks and forums like but not limited to PSEA National Network, Protection Taskforce, LHDF, PEER Network, Tashbik…advocating over diverse topics from Localization to women led initiatives, GBV, and youth empowerment

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

I am excited about the upcoming Online Networking Session and eager to contribute to the ALF network, building connections among members from Albania, Denmark, and Lebanon. In Lebanon, my focus will be on facilitating cultural exchanges through engaging virtual events and workshops, emphasizing the richness of Lebanese culture. Fluent in English and Arabic, I aim to bridge language gaps, ensuring seamless communication and inclusivity for all members. Additionally, I plan to share my expertise in project management through webinars and collaborative projects, contributing to the network's knowledge base. Drawing on my experience in event planning, I am committed to coordinating joint events that offer a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. I look forward to actively participating and making a positive impact on the ALF network.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

I am eager to join the ALF Network because it provides a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from Albania, Denmark, and Lebanon. The prospect of fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration greatly appeals to me, and I am enthusiastic about contributing to the network's goals. I believe that by actively participating in the Online Networking Session and subsequent events, I can not only share my own experiences and expertise but also learn from the diverse perspectives of other members. The focus on cultural exchange aligns with my passion for promoting global awareness and appreciation. I see the ALF Network as a platform to build meaningful connections, bridge cultural gaps, and collectively work towards organizing impactful joint events that showcase the richness of our collective experiences. Overall, I am excited about the prospect of being part of a dynamic and inclusive community dedicated to fostering collaboration and understanding across borders.

Additional Information
Contact (1) Full Name
Camilia Safatli
Job Title
grants program manager
Head of the organisation
Alawite Islamic Charity Association