Al-Harah Theater

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Beit Jala, Bethlehem
Palestinian Territories

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
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A free Palestinian society that uses culture and arts to consolidate the concept of citizenship, freedom of expression and mutual respect.



Al-Harah Theater is a non-profit organization founded in 2005, based in Beit Jala- Palestine. It aims at raising awareness, creating positive change in the society, enhancing the cultural level and artistic taste of people and delivering the Palestinian voice through the production and distribution of theater work at a high artistic level to all members of the Palestinian Arabs and international societies in general, children and youth in particular. In addition to training and capacity building of young theater cadres and developing partnerships with local, Arabs and internationals organizations and networks.


Goals and Objectives


•          To raise the cultural and artistic awareness to bring about positive change in the Palestinian society.

•          To enhance the role of the Palestinian theater in highlighting social and political issues, locally in the Arabs world and internationally.

•          To develop the Palestinian theater.

•          To deepen partnerships locally in the Arabs world and internationally.

•          To ensure the continuity of the work of the organization.


Our work is the following areas:


  • Producing and coproducing Theater for children, young people and Adults.
  • Touring locally, regionally and internationally.
    • Reaching refugee camps, villages, cities and especially marginalized areas like area C.
  • Training:
    • Training Children and young people.
    • Train the trainers programs in drama and theater training.
    • Organizing workshops for technical performing arts field.
  • Artistic exchanges for children and young people.

PARC: Performing Arts Training Center:  

  • The first two-years program training center for technical needs of performing arts
  • Capacity building for performing arts


Mission and Objectives


Main Projects / Activities


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Marina Barham
Head of the organisation
Marina Barham