AL Farouq Charity Society for Orphans Care

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472 garmon RD
Irbid 21141

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Organisation Type
Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. Gender
  4. Human rights
  5. Others
  6. Youth and education
General Information

AL Farouq Charity Society for Orphans Care is a none for profit voluntary social work society, registered under the umbrella of the Jordan Ministry of Social Development (National ID: 1991012100017), established in 1991.
• AL Farouq is employing 103 staff of which 69 are women.
• AL Farouq is also registered and active within SAM.Gov with Unique Entity ID: K1ELWAM74YW3, NCAGE code AC69X.
• AL Farouq is also registered and active within PADOR platform with EuropeAid ID JO-2023-BGV-2207282131.
Since established, AL-Farouq Society believed and saw the importance of working with national and international partners as a team, reaching common objectives and providing services to a wider segment of the community. And for that, it was mandatory to seek doners and supporters and which consequently enriched and help the association to accelerate having the success factors to achieve its goals.

National Partners
Jordan Ministry of Social Development (MOSD)
Jordan Ministry of Planning and International Development (MOPIC)
Jordan Ministry of Agriculture (MOA)
Jordan Ministry of Health (MOH)
Jordan Ministry of Education (MOE)
Jordan River Foundation (JRF)
Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre (PBYRC)
Greater Irbid Municipality
Tkiyet Um Ali (TUA)
Department of Palestinian Affairs (DPA)
Arabian Medical Relief (AMR)

International Partners
Canadian Mennonite (CM)
Doctors Without Borders (MSF)
European Union (EU)
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Netherlands Embassy in Jordan
Emirates Red Crescent
Terre Des Hommes (TDH)
Save the Children
Embassy of Australia in Jordan
Right To Play
Islamic Relief
United Hands Relief - UHR
Embassy of Canada in Jordan

AL-Farouq Statistics
• Since established, AL-Farouq Medical Centers serve about 300,000 patients annually.
• Orphans’ families supported averages 2,100 family annually.
• AL-Farouq average annual income:1,400,000 JDs (1,975,000$)
o Donations: 27%, 378,000 JDs (533,250$)
o Medical Centers: 53%, 742,000 JDs (1,046,750$)
o Schools and Training: Centers 20% 280,000 JDs (395,000$)
• AL-Farouq average expenses about: 1,450,000 JDs (2,050,000$)
o Orphans’ Support: 38%, 550,000 JDs (778,000$)
o Subsiding Medical Centers:26%, 375,000(530,000$)
o Social Development: 18%, 260,000 JDs (367,500$)
o Administrative Expenses: 7%, 99,100 JDs (140,000$)
o Assets Purchases: 6%, 91,900 JDs (130,000$)
o Depreciation: 5%, 74,000 JDs (104,500$)

Mission and Objectives

To become the preferred and distinguished partner in providing services to orphans and the community transparently.
Providing minimal to free-of-charge social and developmental services and solutions. Dedicating the experience in the community using scientific means and creative ideas, to meet the wishes and expectations of the recipients of the service, supported by local and international partnerships and depending on our tolerant Islamic law.
• Integrity and transparency in providing services.
• Credibility
• Creativity and Excellence
• Teamwork
• Keeping abreast of development and modernity
• Maintaining confidentiality and dignity of service recipients
• Justice
• Perfection
As the social and economic situation of the society's operational area is deteriorating, our society has taken it upon itself to contribute actively and effectively to alleviate social and economic pressures through the society’s social and developmental programs and projects.

Main Projects / Activities

Active Current Projects
• AL Farouq Medical Center in Irbid city camp.
• AL Farouq Medical Center in Bani Obeid District.
• AL Farouq Kindergarten and school.
• AL Farouq Charitable Building (Charitable Endowment) (Apartments).
• AL Farouq Project for Social and Marital Rehabilitation Education for Women and Adolescence females within Irbid Camp – Canada Fund for Local Initiatives CFLI 2023.
• AL Farouq Food Bank.
• AL Farouq Clothes Bank.
• AL Farouq Sewing and Embroidery Workshop.
• AL Farouq Production Kitchen.
• AL Farouq Forest in Bani Kinana District.
• AL Farouq Playgrounds.
• Social and Marital Rehabilitation Education for Women and Adolescence females within Irbid Camp - Canadian Embassy in Jordan.
Previous Short Projects
• Near East Organization, name of the program Siraj
• Developmental Families Society, a training and capacity raise program for women funded by a Swedish organization.
• Institute for Solidarity with Women, Sanabel 2 program funded by the European Union

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Al-Farouq has many local links to small and micro entities that directly provide aids to local community as well as other links to donors interested in various programs and activities. AL-Farouq can collaborate with network actors and provide wider programs and more comprehensive support to local ommunity

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Linkage to all actors within Jordan to provide direct aids to the Jordanian community with greater value projects.

Contact (1) Full Name
Mohammad AL-FAris
Job Title
Partnership Manager
Head of the organisation
Hussain Fayz
Contact (2) Full Name
Mohammad Derbas
Job Title (2)
Administration Manager