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General Information

Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU) is a public Jordanian technical university ranked number two in Jordan and the times ranked 601-800. It has the largest in campus size and student numbers, established in 1997, and it is the most widely spread university in Jordan. It has colleges and branches distributed almost in every city in the country. BAU has 22 colleges distributed on 13 campus sites, with 26 postgraduate programs, 124 bachelor programs, and 78 diploma programs. The number of enrolled students is around 40,000, with about 1449 staff members. Moreover, BAU the only university that awards the diploma degree in Jordan, since it fosters and quality controls all the community colleges in Jordan. BAU aims to establish an innovative university which can convey knowledge, values, and traditions, making a progress toward building the knowledge-based economy through investing in the innovation and creativity of our staff and students.

Mission and Objectives

BAU provides the Jordan Market with distinguished highly qualified graduates fulfilling the demands of the Jordan Market with experts and professional employment accordingly of high standards responds to the exchangeable market’s needs technically and systematically. BAU emphasizes excel value in education through conforming to keep on the process of upgrading the type of management and teaching, providing new equipment facilities, services, academic standards, and proceeding in upgrading the quality of graduates and trainees. BAU is heading towards the applied education strongly, sustain its attitudes towards application heading the advancement and modern changes and coping with era and technology prerequisites, the economic and social life fields relevant to constant implementation in Education, Vocational and Technical Training process in a wide-scale guaranteeing effective participation of the stakeholders and the Industrials in developing management, programs, and the educational progress. BAU’s academic programs are flexible enough to permit pioneer students to admit for Bridging Process from Associate level to Bachelor level.

Main Projects / Activities

Upgrading the level of graduates academically, professionally, and practically and linking the educational outcomes and the various university programs with the requirements of the labor market in a harmonious manner. Spreading and consolidating the institutional culture among workers and consolidating the concepts of development and modernization Assisting the university in developing appropriate work mechanisms and systems by adopting planning, development, and quality procedures and policies Exposing obstacles to the educational-learning process and trying to solve them and addressing the obstacles facing change, development, and modernization, with the aim of improving the university and its services Building and rehabilitating human capabilities in line with different business needs Disseminating good applications that are applied internally and internationally and applying them to different academic management levels Preparing the university and its colleges to meet the requirements of public and private accreditation

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omar arabeyyat
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Porf. Abdallah Al-Zoubi