AKROPODITI Dance & Performing Arts Centre

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Iroon Polytechniou 84
84100 Hermoupolis, Syros

+30 22810-80690
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+30 6944-771449
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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Gender
  3. Human rights
  4. International/Cultural relations
  5. Research
General Information

The non-profit organisation Akropoditi based in Syros island since 2013, operates the Akropoditi Dance and Performing Arts (DAPA) Centre, organises the International DAPA Festival “Akropoditi DanceFest” annually and hosts artistic residencies of performing artists from all over the world .
The organisation employs 5 staff full time for festival operations and DAPA Centre -2 weeks in July-,15 volunteers, and hosts 40-45 guest artists.DAPA Centre employs 10 permanent teachers, 3 permanent external collaborators.

Sources of funding: monthly fees from the DAPA Centre dance school, Space rental, organisation of workshops/shows.The Festival is supported by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, South Aegean Region, Syros Ermoupolis Municipality, Embassies, Institutes. Part of the Festival’s income is derived from workshops’ tuition fees and performances' tickets.
Permanent collaborations of the Festival are: Local organisations: Association for the Disabled Rights, Association Aid (visually impaired persons)
National organisations: Group Ω (Movement), Athens Video Dance Project

Mission and Objectives

The mission of Akropoditi is to promote dance and performing arts on a local and international level; to make the capital of the Cyclades a place of meeting and cultural exchange between established and new creators from the field of dance and performing arts, from Greece and abroad; to foster the inclusion of vulnarable groups through alternative forms of physical exercise and rehabilitation, to advance research processes in the field of movement and expression.

The objectives are
to create and maintain through the Akropoditi DAPA Centre Studio the appropriate environment for familiarisation and contact with classical dance and aspects of contemporary dance, and advance the research process in the field of movement and expression; to host alternative forms of physical exercise and rehabilitation.
The main objectives of the Akropoditi DAPA Workshop Centre are the cultural development and promotion of the island, hosting and organising artistic and educational programs, performances and offering artistic residencies to creators from around the world. The space is open to partnerships with local organisations, residents, and artists of Syros, as well as national and international stakeholders, inviting people of all ages to participate in its activities.
to offer housing to any form of art, expression, and creation that support the cultivation of spirit and body, free creation, individual and group initiative through any action that contributes to the fulfilment and the development of perceptual and expressive possibilities.
to organise the International Dance and Performing Arts Festival “Akropoditi DanceFest” with international participations of performing artists
to contribute to the empowerment of socially vulnerable groups by offering free activities (Workshops and Performances) every year in order to widen accessibility and include people with limited financial means; to support their integration into the community, to express themselves and improve their motor skills.

Main Projects / Activities

The International Dance and Performing Arts Festival “Akropoditi DanceFest” now its in 10th edition, takes place every summer in Syros for two weeks and includes:
– Training workshops and presentations
– Dance and Dance- Theatre performances
– Open Jams
– Video projections
– Parallel activities throughout the island of Syros
The Festival hosts artists from Greece and abroad, combining theoretical and practical workshops with diverse content. Depending on their content, the workshops are addressed to amateur or dance and theatre professionals .

The Artistic Residencies (usually September-June) every year 4 to 7 artistic residencies of performing arts from all over the world are hosted. 5 exchanges developed with the hosted artists: members of Akropoditi organisation were invited to perform and/or teach in the countries of the hosted artists .

Dance courses all year round.
Hosting workshops and performances (September-June)
The core team is creating performances /activities and cultural events (all year round).

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Akropoditi believes that our participation in the network will bring our 10th year experience in international exchange and cooperation through the arts and will contribute to open the discussion in order to confront common challenges and opportunities.We are willing to offer genuine assistance and support to interested members in intercultural dialogue through the arts.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We are interested in opening the door to the ALF Network, both nationally and internationally in order to develop new projects and synergies that empower local communities in the Mediterranean and inspire inclusion in all its members.

Contact (1) Full Name
Angeliki Sigourou
Job Title
Artistic Director of the Akropoditi Dance & Performing Arts Centre Artistic Administration and Management of the International Dance and Performing Arts Festival “Akropoditi DanceFest” , Choreographer of the Akropoditi Dancetheatre
Head of the organisation
Contact (2) Full Name
Photini Papahatzi
Job Title (2)
Development Coordinator