Agdz Association Volunteers Without Borders

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Dar el mouwaten Center Agdz
47050 Agdz

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Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Environment/Sustainable development
  2. Youth and education
General Information
It is a new Assembly in the hunt for partners and donors have also are preparing for activities aimed at young people and students walking Assembly and 11-member students, professors
Mission and Objectives

 Agdz Association Volunteers Without Borders is a youth association, there is now the headquarters of the House Agdz citizen, is working on a set of goals that seeks to achieve, including:
 develop and organize volunteer work.
 directing volunteer work to serve humanitarian purposes
 raise the cultural, social, environmental and health awareness among members of the community
 help institutions and associations on the performance of its mission through voluntary efforts.
 provide an opportunity for community members to volunteer in the field of public services through education and training
To achieve its goals Assembly is working in several areas remind Maha:
 the cultural field: includes organizing lectures and seminars and exhibitions and CDA spreading cultural production.
 the educational field:
• nurture the upbringing of the individual psychological and social intact.
• the development of individual talents and paid for creativity and investment innate talents and gained.
• cooperation with the concerned authorities and education that have the same goals are also interested in trips and camps and sports activities.
• contribute to the formation of human good to serve the nation and the nation.
• lay the foundations for balanced environmental culture.
 the field of social development:
• Literacy .
• cooperation with the associations and those interested in social development within the country and abroad.
• preparation and completion of development projects for the benefit of the population

Main Projects / Activities

By virtue of the new Assembly, the activity that we have done is training workshop for pupils for ways academic excellence as we are in preparation for regulating the activity to one of the schools in the region is a cleaning and decorating the Treasury and Thiah school arena while working to expand the experiment to other schools, and the Assembly is considering the possibility of organizing a camp for languages in the region to support the youth in languages

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Seeking to form a network with Ganaaat and organizations for the betterment of the cooperative and the Federal my domain and support regions in need of support, and the foundation is to build a communication network between the actors in the country and abroad

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Work to form relationships with other institutions and organizations and the pursuit of a unified goals and the search for supporters and supporters of the Association in order to progress forward and make positive changes in the region

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Abdelbasset BAHADDOU
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Head of the organisation
Abdelbasset BAHADDOU
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Mustapha Ait BAHDDOU
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