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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information

AddArt is a nonprofit organization dedicated to create, embellish and spread art and culture in general. Headquartered in Thessaloniki, Greece and having a rich cultural canvas, AddArt is focused on social and cultural interest of the general public.  AddArt consist of 5 permanent and active staff members while more than 50 people are supporting it regularly varying from project to project, mainly in voluntary positions. Also, this organization established more than 20 different partnerships both domestically and internationally. Budget and finances vary as AddArt organizes project based budget system which is supported by other foundations and organizations like: Erasmus+, UNHCR, Europe for Citizens, Municipality of Thessaloniki, Municipality of Kalamaria etc. In the year 2016 the budget spent was 15.000 €. Some of the partner organizations are: JKPEV, Eurobug, Kids in Action, Consilium, Breakthrough etc. Most important projects: Thessaloniki Animation Festival (TAF) and “Say it with Comics” project.

Mission and Objectives

AddArt's primary goal is organizing projects and providing classes and seminars in order to  “Add Art" in every aspect of life, whenever and wherever it can be applied in such a manner that it leaves a positive mark, increasing the results and helping to reach an optimum outcome for diverse type of projects. By already having experience in the field of comics, storytelling, filming, animation, gaming, painting and sculpturing, AddArt is focused to add artistic and innovative activities as well as messages in collaboration with various sectors such as education and entertainment. The above mentioned art forms are known to modulate values beyond the given joy of creation. By passing on these skills AddArt strives to stimulate teamwork, patience, ingenuity, problem solving, and enlarged perception. All of these allow a huge learning potential for developing even further set of new skills. The main idea here is to jointly shape a unique way to cement the message to those seeking to consolidate.  AddArt is an organization with the ability to spread any idea, lesson or message through art and various forms thereof, to edit, produce films or animations, to expose, to organize events and more.

Main Projects / Activities

Publications: ▪ “Bugs of the round table” comic, AddArt publisher, September 2016 ▪ “Urban Mysteries II” comic, AddArt publisher, September 2016 ▪ “Say it with comics” comic, AddArt publisher, May 2016 ▪ “Mythonats” comic,  AddArt publisher, April 2016 ▪ “Spartakos Final Wishes” comic,  AddArt publisher, April 2016 ▪ “Urban Mysteries I” comic,  AddArt publisher, September 2015 ▪ “Mysterion” comic,  AddArt publisher, September 2015 ▪ “Spartakos” comic,  AddArt publisher, April 2015 ▪ “Koupe II” comic,  AddArt publisher, April 2015 ▪ “Koupe I” comic,  AddArt publisher, April 2014 Projects: ▪ “Say it with comics II” comic publication for UNHCR, September 2016 – December 2016 ▪ “Bridging Generations” project made by JKPEV under Europe for Citizens program, February 2014 – February 2016 ▪ “Solidarity Lab” facilitator of a project made by Eurobug under Erasmus+ program, November 2015 “Art Express”  facilitator of a project made by JKPEV under Erasmus+ program, June 2015 ▪ “Peace building through storytelling” guest facilitator of a project made by Consillium under Erasmus+ program, February 2015 ▪ Scriptwriting and storytelling lecturer at Comink, Pirama and AddArt, 2014 – up to date Conferences: ▪ “Thessaloniki Animation Festival” (TAF) event owner and coordinator supported by Municipality of Kalamaria, October 2016 ▪ “Thessaloniki Animation Festival” (TAF) event owner and coordinator, October 2015 ▪ “Mysticon II” mystery festival of Thessaloniki event coordinator, event owner Municipality of Thessaloniki, September 2016 ▪ “Mysticon II” mystery festival of Thessaloniki event coordinator, event owner Municipality of Thessaloniki, September 2015

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

AddArt is willing to become yet another ALF ambassador in Greece and we are willing to share the foundation’s actions and positive influence. Additionally, networking remains to be one of the most important goals for a young institution such as AddArt and sharing that network represents a benefit for all parties involved. Special attention is given to dissemination of projects simply due to the fact that the Reach is the most important aspect in contribution to Culture and the Arts. AddArt is encouraging young artists and creators to disseminate these tools to everyone who would like use them: teachers, psychologists, social workers, anxious people, creative people, teenagers, children and many more. Our work and good practices learned are disseminated throughout all are future endeavors and some of the more specific ways to communicate them is via our: social networks, festivals, press releases, various addressing to publics (TV and radio shows, interviews etc.) as well through projects to come.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

AddArt constantly searches for different ways to contribute and expand its outreach and network. As we are headquartered in Thessaloniki, Greece we belong to Mediterranean which is the immediate reason that connects us to ALF. By joining ALF, AddArt can be even more involved in international projects both on European and international scale. AddArt is always ready to leave positive mark and contribute to projects with its experience, knowledge, passion and innovation. All our projects saw nothing but positive feedback by funding organizations, partnering organizations as well as from the community. Hopefully, ALF can be yet another “mean” for AddArt spreading Art.

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Dimitris Savvaidis
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Project Manager
Head of the organisation
Stavros Savvaidis