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+972-3-6763431; +97252-3541456
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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
  2. Human rights
  3. Youth and education
General Information
ActiveVision is registered as a not-for-profit organization. It is backed up by prominent artists and academics. A five members' voluntary board of directors leads 4 part time employees, freelance artists-tutors and a large body of volunteers and interns. Its project oriented budget (€35,000 in 2009) comes from foundations, private donors, partner refugee aid organizations, small independent income and inkind contributions by artists, art schools, community and municipal bodies. We develop and implement art/media workshops and courses, The projects are co-developed with the participants. The materials are created and fully produced by the participants with our professional input and guidance. The outcomes are the basis for public address. Street and gallery exhibitions, DVD's, lectures, awareness campaigns. Among our partners: Amnesty International Israel, The open University, Tel Aviv Municipality, Holon Digital Art Center, Guttman Museum, ASAF Refugee Aid, Minshar Art School, Shapira Community Center, Ruido Photo Barcelona, ActiveStills association and others.
Mission and Objectives

ActiveVision brings to the front stage those who are usually pushed to the margin, the faceless and the nameless. With those who usually act on the passive side of the frame in our society.
ActiveVision was created by a group of visual and documentary artists and photojournalists, sharing the belief in the power of the visual image in creating consciousness and change, of mobilizing social changes via art.
There is a very strong inflow of refugees from Africa into Europe and the Mediterranean. the largest group comes from Darfur. Many of these refugees are youth under 18. We need to create a space for them for expression, free exchange of information, a space for public discourse. Art and media should be harnessed to the well-being and development of the refugee youth and provide them with tools and training. This will contribute to community rehabilitation and promote an essential dialogue in society.

Main Projects / Activities

Under the title of TLV ASYLUM CITY, Activevision offers art/media workshops and courses, using stills photography, video and film making, music and radio, internet, blogs and journalism. The projects are co-developed with the participants, designed to train them, provide knowledge, experience and joy, produce viable materials and strengthen the participants and their community. The products include texts, photographs, personal videos, musical video clips, a printed magazine, website. The materials are created, developed, written, directed, edited and produced by the participants with our professional tuition and guidance. The outcomes are the basis for public address, street exhibitions, lectures and conferences, awareness campaigns.

Contact (1) Full Name
Mr. Carmi Ashboren
Head of the organisation
Ms. Sharon Horodi, chair
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Keren Shayo