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General Information

We are Active Mobility established in January 2023 in Albania aiming for a greener, more inclusive Albania where everyone, regardless of their background, can access and afford sustainable transportation, leading the way to healthier communities and a healthier planet. Our organizational Scheme consists of Board of Directors (BoD) which is a small group of fundamental members who helped start our NGO providing oversight and strategic direction. While directly under hierarchy lies the role of executive director which manages the day-to-day operations of the organisation. Our NGO holds its activities due to integration and well-functioning of 4 small departments like program implementation, administration and finance, program coordinators and our team of volunteers. Lastly, the Advisory Committee provides guidance across the organization. Taken the fact that we are a newly created and small NGO, most of our work is conducted by part time employees or contract based. The latter is the case of most our external experts we have contracted so far. We are a small team of three employees and a large number of volunteers. Our key employee is Iden Petraj which holds the title of Bike Mayor of Tirana and is one of the leading forces in the city promoting sustainable transportation. With over a decade of experience in managing green mobility projects, her most significant contribution lies in her innovative efforts in environmental issues with Active Mobility and the Municipality of Tirana. Her endeavors, including organizing the city's largest bicycle festival, implementing awareness campaigns, and involvement in projects like Donate a Bike, Street for Kids, Recycle a Bike, Cycling to School, Kindergarten Bike project, and Bike city talks have significantly transformed Tirana into a more ecological city with a stronger culture of bicycle use. Iden leads the major cyclist communities in Tirana, Cyclists of Tirana. Our national and international partners are working in the field of environmental protection, vocational training, and learning out of traditional settings. Our sources of funding have been national and international mainly deriving from governmental bodies like Municipality of Tirana, Ministry of Environment and European Union; our donors have assisted us in concrete projects. We have detailed the budget for each projects we have received assistance in the section below of Main Projects/Activities.

Mission and Objectives

Active Mobility's mission is to promote and revitalize the culture of cycling in Albania by enhancing cycling safety awareness and developing efficient infrastructure. Through our initiatives, we aim to empower individuals, especially the youth, to embrace sustainable transportation, ensuring gender equality, promoting public health, and paving the way for environmentally conscious urban mobility. We aim making cycling affordable and accessible for all, especially vulnerable groups. Our objectives include: 1. Promote Cycling Safety Awareness: Educate the community, especially the youth, on the importance of road safety for cyclists through regular workshops, collaborations with local authorities for school curriculums, and public media campaigns. 2. Develop Efficient Cycling Infrastructure: Collaborate with urban planners and municipalities to create safe and accessible cycling lanes. Advocate for budget allocation by local governments and engage with community stakeholders for feedback. 3. Ensure Gender Equity in Cycling: Address social barriers and safety concerns for women and girls by organizing targeted cycling events, hosting forums to challenge social norms, and partnering with women's rights organizations.

Main Projects / Activities

The projects and activities undertaken in the area of Green Mobility and Mobility/Sports in Tirana are diverse and impactful. The "Green trail/Shtegu i Gjelbert 2023", funded by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, was a significant endeavor lasting 32 days with a budget of ALL 4.195.000, and it has already concluded. Similarly, "Bike Fest Tirana 2023", sponsored by the Tirana Municipality for a single day with a budget of ALL 140.000, has ended. Another notable event was the "Java Europiane e Sportit" (European Week of Sports), a week-long event funded by the Tirana Municipality with an impressive budget of ALL 110.000.000, which has also concluded. "European Mobility Week", another week-long initiative, had the support of the Tirana Municipality and a budget of EUR 5.000, and it too has concluded. In contrast, some projects are ongoing, such as "EduMove: Boosting green mobility in peripheral Tirana", backed by the European Science Foundation (European Union) for 12 months with a funding of EUR 32.000, and "Cyclistforbundet", supported by the Western Balkan Fund (European Union) for a month with EUR 4.000. These projects collectively contribute to enhancing green mobility, sports participation and environmental protection in Tirana and Albania as a whole.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

As an organization active in environmental protection and mobility in Albania, we can contribute to the Anna Lindh Foundation Network by promoting sustainable environmental practices and green mobility. Our expertise in environmental protection could be vital in fostering dialogue and collaboration on ecological issues within the Euro-Mediterranean region. We can engage in cross-cultural projects, share our knowledge and experiences in environmental sustainability, and collaborate with other organizations in the network to enhance awareness and action towards environmental conservation. Our work in Albania can serve as a model for other countries in the region, thereby contributing to the Foundation's goal of promoting intercultural and environmental understanding.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Joining the Anna Lindh Foundation Network is a valuable opportunity to connect with a diverse community committed to fostering intercultural dialogue and understanding across the Euro-Mediterranean region. By becoming a part of this network, we can access resources, expertise, and partnerships that enhance organization's impact in promoting environmental protection and sustainable practices. It also offers a platform for sharing ideas, experiences, and best practices with like-minded organizations and individuals. This collaboration can lead to innovative projects and initiatives that further your goals and contribute to the broader objectives of cultural exchange and mutual understanding within the region.

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Iden Petraj
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Project Manager
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Enea Halili