Action Research Associates

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Mont-La-Salle Road, Accad Building
Ain Saadeh, Maten 00002753

+961 3 669 913
Organisation Type
Private Company
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Research
General Information

ARA is based in Beirut and consists of three senior and one junior research partner.

Yearly, we handle between 100 and 150.000USD.

Our funding has in the past come from the Swiss Embassy, the Finnish Embassy, Democracy Reporting International, Berghof Foundation, the Westminster Foundation for Democracy and International Alert.

Our action focuses on concrete projects and workshops.

Mian partners are part of the FMF, particularly LAH, ACT for the Disappeared, UMAM, Committee for the Families of the Kidnapped and Disappeared, Fighters for Peace, ForumZFD.

Mission and Objectives

Vision: To see peace, reconciliation, and a new sense of the common good develop among the various communities of Lebanon.
Mission: To serve Lebanese society through qualitative research that leads to transformative action.

Main Projects / Activities

1. Swiss Embassy, 22,500$, Leaders of Change, facilitating social and political transformation through Lebanon’s democratic process, Oct 2020–June 2022
2. Swiss Embassy, 63,426$, Facilitating a Strategic Planning Process for the National Commission on the Missing and Forcibly Disappeared, dealing with the past, April–Nov 2022
3. Swiss Embassy, 9,804$, Agora: Leaders of Change in Dialogue. Building a Broadening Political Consensus for Peace and the Common Good in Lebanon, politics, Sep 2022–Sep 2023
4. Swiss Embassy, 16,000$, Local Bees and Urban Beings project, ecological research and honey production and brand development, May 2022–April 2023
5. Swiss Embassy, 5,600$, Facilitating a Workshop for Syrian civil society representatives (Track 2) seeking to work on Dealing with the past, dealing with the past, Nov–Dec 2022
6. International Alert, 10,800$, Gender-sensitive conflict analysis, peacebuilding, Aug 2021–Feb 2022
7. Westminster Foundation for Democracy, 19,200$, Exploring the Motivations of Key Voters – Undecided Swing Voters and Unwilling Voters – in Lebanon, politics, Oct 2021–Jan 2022
8. Westminster Foundation for Democracy, 13,200$, Elections Academy, facilitating social and political transformation, Jan–March 2022
9. Democracy Reporting International, 26,500€, Mapping and Analysis of Civil Society Groups in the Lebanese Political Landscape, politics, Mar–Aug 2022
10. Berghof Foundation, 10,000$, Truth and Reconciliation for Lebanon, dealing with the past and development of a multiple narratives module on Black Saturday (5-6 December 1975), Oct 2022–Mar 2023
11. Finnish Embassy, 45,012€, Truth and Reconciliation: A Two-Pronged Response to Chaos and Violence in Post-War Lebanon – The Damour Massacre, Oct 2023 - June 2024

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Our two lines of work support the Anna Lindh Foundation's main objectives.
1. We perform multiple-narrative historical research of controversial events in Lebanon's violent past to use in dialogue sessions between members of different communities, to build mutual empathy and understanding.
2. We work with key political actors from the change movement, supporting them to work towards a non-sectarian, just society based on the common good.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We want to expand our network further to strengthen our work for the common good

Contact (1) Full Name
Martin Accad
Job Title
Head of the organisation
Dr. Martin Accad