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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. International/Cultural relations
General Information

ACROSS THE SEA is a youth-led and youth-oriented movement aimed at promoting integration among the younger generations of the Mediterranean , as well as a strong sense of belonging to our common sea. Our activities, such as online webinar, local project and in person confernace, are carried out annually in close collaboration with partner associations and with the support of national and international institutions. Such partner instiutions have decided to collaborate with us since the first edition. In order to organized the 2023 edition, we received an economic support by the University of Genoa, Women Deliver association, and several private companies.
Among our institutional partners, we had broad support by: the University of Genoa, the City of Genoa, Liguria Region, the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energetic Security, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Parliament and the Union for the Mediterranean.

Mission and Objectives

The name of our project speaks for itself: ACROSS THE SEA. Our sea is a richness and conjunction of cultures, values, traditions and our aim is to create an active network among all the countries around it. We promote diversity as a resource, as a positive force for forging bonds of friendship and cultural cooperation. For us, the role of the younger generations and their training on current issues of climate and migration emergency is central; to achieve this we have focused on a proactive and concrete approach, encouraging maximum openness to dialogue, comparison and concrete solutions.

Main Projects / Activities

Each year ACROSS THE SEA holds a conference open to young people in the Mediterranean.

The first edition of the ACROSS THE SEA conference took place at the University of Genoa from 5 to 7 June. It was a youth-driven and youth-oriented process addressed the issues of climate change and migration. The event was held under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic and of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Among its institutional partners, it had broad support, by local authorities, the Ministry of the Environment, al Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Parliament.
Thirteen different delegations of young leaders, students and promoters of the change participated on behalf of their countries, including Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Palestine, Spain, Syria, Tunisia and Türkiye.
After an opening ceremony which they attended representatives of the Municipal Council, of the Regional Council of Liguria and of the University of Genoa, and the president of the 3rd Standing Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM): Yana Ehm, of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), the delegates were divided in working groups and engaged in negotiation and brainstorming sessions on the two topics. Subsequently, the delegations participated in specific seminars held by industry experts, including panelists from OME, ERG, ANEV, FICHTNER Italia, RINA and university professors, to provide further insights to the delegates. The latter were thus able to draw inspiration for the following sessions.
The work sessions were aimed at drafting a joint document on the engagement of young people in the Mediterranean, Final and Joint Declaration Of the Youth of the Mediterranean, which was approved and signed by all delegations, as well as by the University of Genoa e by His Excellency the Deputy Secretary General of the UfM, Grammenos Mastrojeni.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

ACROSS THE SEA strongly believes in the idea that only unity can make a difference, especially in such a complicated scenario as the Mediterranean. Our commitment to intercultural dialogue is aimed at establishing stable relationships not only with external partners, but also within the ALF Network. Together we can all make a difference for a Mediterranean that is more united, cohesive and willing to dialogue. Over time our efforts will consist of bringing our partners who are not yet part of the ALF Network to register to join this community.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

ALF Network represents a fundamental tool in order to achieve a better integration among Mediterranean countries. Over time, it has shown its strong commitment so as to foster a common sense of Mediterranean belonging. Mutual understanding is essential if we are to transform our region into a place of shared prosperity. In this framework, we truly believe that young generations should play a more incisive role. Indeed, we represent the future and the glimmer of hope of our region. ACROSS THE SEA wants to put itself at the service of this effort, to foster friendship and activism among Mediterranean youth

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Manuel Pala
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Head of the organisation