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General Information

ACEY Europe - Arts & Culture Community is a non profit company with two staff members employed and several annual members (approx. 20) working and being hired by project. These members are artists & cultural professionals. Its budgetary resources are created by donations and also include two owned appartments and one artist studio that are available in yearly bases. Its sources of funding are coming out of small scale EU funding programs such as ERASMUS+ and Culture Move Europe or other, and from Goverment funds and members donations. Main partners of the organization are universities ie. Western Attica university and Athens School of Fine Arts among others as well as other non profit cultural companies from Greece and the EU. The developing project for 2024 is an artist residency and the Collab4 HySust CCI which will be implemented by the Community in the Cyclades.

Mission and Objectives

ACEY Europe - Arts & Culture Community is a non-for-profit company which aims to promote through its activities and members support sustainable ways of Arts & Culture about social, economic, environmental issues in Greece, Cyprus and Europe. We are establishing a community based cooperative approach of the Arts & Culture sector with other sectors in order to assist creators and cultural professionals bring up their impact on issues such as: Sustainability and Climate Change, Tourism and Cultural promotion, Societal vanuerability and Economic crisis by supporting their skills, expand their network and showcase best practices within the framework of enterpreuneurship and new technologies use.

Main Projects / Activities

Collab 4 HySust CCI: the organization will implement a cultural multi task project in the Cyclades islands during 2024 after mentorship from the EU and will do seminars, exhibition, documentary and public performances about soft food, water sustainability and climate change treatment for the local community and especially wine producers to assist them adopt research based new technologies in their production achieving sustainability in the use of water supplies. An artist residency of 5 artists involved three times a year of variable duration but maximum two months each at least where artists from different medias will cooperate with cultural developers and managers setting up a network about digital tools support and skills developement. A project development and exhibition is held at the end of every term for all residencies.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

ACEY Europe - Arts & Culture Community network stands in many countries of Europe and particularly at: Greece, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Montenegro, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary and it is still developing. Therefore we are providing access to all professionals in Greece to this network of ours and possibilities for cooperation, exchange and development of common projects. Also, we intend to provide our personal know-how, best practices and experience organising seminars, workshops and residency activities to the local ALF country network of ours through the web or/and through physical existence. We are members also in other EU networks such as Culture Action Europe and we want to be able to bring more EU possibilities to the ALF country network we belong to.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We want to be part and use as many as possible advantages of the ALF network but also bring our long experience and provide it through ALF in the younger ages of cultural professionals. We want to be able and use the resources provided at ALF to expand the possibilities for production and network of ours furthermore and be able to have larger impact through the ALF organizational disemination of information. We believe in cooperation and join powers in culture and we follow ALF projects many years now as individual members and now that we created our own community and became larger we want to give back to the ALF Network in practice what we have gained from it before.

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Georgios Taxiarchopoulos
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Georgios Taxiarchopoulos