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General Information

ACD-is an anon-profit international cultural association based in Vienna, Austria whose founding members are academic professionals, interested in and active in the research on theories and praxis of Cultural Diplomacy, within all fields where social interaction takes part.
Modalities of action: international Art/Education projects, media promotion of SDG-oriented activities; no employees, work on a voluntary basis; funding by Austrian state offices for art-projects

Mission and Objectives

ACD-mission statement
is to contribute to the current global sustainable development through active engagement of its members and cultural ambassadors and partners, by the development of cross-sectoral regional and international partnerships based on project cooperation in the field of cultural diplomacy, by connecting creative industries with art practice and education with international relations and diplomacy

Main Projects / Activities

Let´´s Brick and Play Well2030!
Since its founding date in 2016, from an understanding of the UN Agenda2030 as a universal Peace concept in its core and understanding sustainability as "ability to love our next", ACD-Team has developed a number of initiatives, to support the realization of the UN SDGs through educational projects and partnerships (SDG4+SDG 17) such as:

F*Air, CD-Airshow Tours, “Artimpact2030”, inTalk Sessions, Dance Arts&Diplomacy, Arvore da Vida2030, educational projects such as Let´s brick!, IkuBi2030 Children radio project in Kenya, SprachenWeb, C-19 -response -project Women.Art.Solidarity, public events such as Vienna meets … Diplomacy on Stage, online educational format on UNESCO Futures of Education inTalk Sessions with Focus groups, solidarity project M4life in Maragoli, Kenya, intercultural exchange projects such as Let´s Brick! Austria-Japan, initiatives to support the SDG5+3+ 8 + SDG10 through the development of cross-sectoral partnerships, such as COOPS for decent work KuBiPa2030, Art&Health: BGF2030

In cooperation with the governmental and non-governmental sector, public sector, private sector, and civil society ACD-team and its cultural ambassadors are active in the development, exchange, and promotion of the UN Agenda2030-oriented methods and strategies, considering the Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDG´s) as a common frame for activities, based on universal values.

ACD-President provides its members with free consultancy, educational materials, and advice for the creation of projects. By the need for specific advice, ACD-Ambassadors, Members, and Partners are supported by ACD-advisory members, partners, and experts from ACD-partnership organizations and institutions.

ACD-General Assembly takes part in a two years interval. The event format “Diplomacy on stage” was created by ACD-President and includes academic programs with Keynotes and Lightning Talks delivered by ACD-Team, Ambassadors, and Guest Speakers from Education, Politics, Art, Creative Industries, Diplomacy, Media, and beyond. Within the Open Space Talk Sessions, Art Program, Culinary Diplomacy Salon, and “Emerging Acts”, participants have the opportunity to exchange their ideas, experiences, suggestions, grow their network, under the motto “Connect&Act”.

ACD- events are taking place in cooperation with relevant, established institutions such as Vienna Diplomatic Academy, Haus of United Nations, Kunst Haus Wien, Vienna 3rd District Hall, among other places.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Response to global challenges at the local, regional and global level through Cultural Diplomacy<2030-activities: since its registration in Vienna in 2016 unifies its members in a shared vision of Cultural Diplomacy as a tool for promotion of values and cultures, within the European and the global context, “recalling that cultural diversity, flourishing within a framework of democracy, tolerance, social justice and mutual respect between peoples and cultures, is indispensable for peace and security at the local, national and international levels. From an understanding of the UN Agenda2030 as a universal Peace concept, and 17 Goals (SDG ́s) as a blueprint for its realization, ACD- members are envisioning their mission for the decade 2020-2030 as active contributors to the realization of the SDG s, mainly through activities related to their professional experiences and competences, such as in the field of social sciences (sociology) education, art (visual arts, dance), media and international relations.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

ALF-Network is the largest network of civil society organizations involved in the promotion of intercultural dialogue across the Euro-Mediterranean region. ACD-Agency for Cultural Diplomacy is a civil society organization which aim and purpose is to promote intercultural dialogue across the Euro-Mediterranean region and beyond. The joint endeavor will be fruitful for ACD as well as for the ALF network through network growth and capacity building for the culture of living together in dignity based on dialogue and exchange

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Tatjana Christelbauer